DIY Moroccan Style Tiny House Offers a Fresh Start

morracan style tiny house

Meet Shelby and Cole, who lives in a DIY Morrocan style tiny house with their dog, Runa. After a year of tiny living, they’re now engaged! It’s offered a way for them to live affordably, lean into what they love to do, and soak in a fulfilling slow living lifestyle. After receiving her dad’s life…

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Family of 5 in Tiny House on Historic Homestead

Family of 5 in Tiny House Embraces a Slow Living Lifestyle Meet the Beers, a family of five in a tiny house on a dreamy historic homestead in northern Arizona. Their journey to simple living began with a burning desire to slow down. Several years ago, Justin and Rachel worked long hours in corporate America…

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Couple Develops Raw Land for Tiny House

Insight into how they’re developing land for their 32-ft tiny house on wheels! Meet Heather & Nathan, a couple who’ve been dreaming of a cabin in the woods for many years and are now developing raw land for their tiny house in a rural Colorado county. They’re absolutely thrilled but will be first to tell…

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His 10-ft Wide Tiny House with Exotic Pets

10-ft wide tiny house

Alex lives in his charming farmhouse-inspired 10-ft wide tiny house with an exotic selection of animal roomies—a python, an iguana, a tarantula, and two rare cats. His pets definitely wouldn’t be allowed in most apartment rentals, and that was a huge motivator in deciding to pursue tiny homeownership. Further, the insane cost of housing in…

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