Is This the Most Livable 40-ft Container Home?!

40′ Shipping Container Tiny Home Conversion Meet Dan, an architect who designed, built, and now lives in a high-cube 40-ft container home with his wife, dog, and cat. During the design phase, he focused on not sacrificing comfort while optimizing function. The result is an exceptionally livable, light & airy tiny home. Impressively, Dan did…

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Container Homes vs Tiny Houses on Wheels: A Comparison

container homes vs tiny houses on wheels

Which is better a shipping container conversion or a tiny house on wheels? More importantly, which is better for you? We compare container homes vs tiny houses on wheels and sharing similarities, as well as pros & cons. Comparison Video Breakdown: 0:00​ – Tiny Home Comparison 0:07​ – Intro 0:57​ – Tiny House on Wheels…

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Impressive Modern Shipping Container Home Build

modern shipping container home

A Modern Container Home Build by Relevant Buildings Relevant Buildings owner Carl Coffman shows us his modern shipping container home in New Era, Oregon. At 900 square feet, it’s created with two off-set 40-foot used containers and a site-built 8-foot bridge. The “bridge” creates significant extra width and height. As a result, ample room is…

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Innovative Container Homes with Conversion Insights

container homes

Converting shipping containers into homes is full of amazing design possibilities and is remarkably sustainable. Reusing something in surplus for a dwelling that requires less precious resources, like lumber, makes container homes ideal for our climate change reality. That’s precisely what appealed to Relevant Buildings, a container house manufacturer in Oregon City, Oregon. Owner Carl…

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$20k Container Home: Couple’s Clever Build

In our latest tiny home tour, we share a cozy modern DIY container home on a dreamy waterfront location in northern Washington. After living in a rustic school bus conversion, Matt and Paiton were looking for affordable homeownership opportunities to put down roots. So they searched for land and researched alternative dwellings, like yurts and…

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Build the Perfect Shipping Container Home with these 9 Tips

Want to build a shipping container home? Ready to DIY, or do you need pro help? For many homebuyers, the size used to mean everything. However, in today’s economic climate, people are (understandably) seeking alternatives, like tiny houses and container homes. This has started the “tiny home” revolution, where you can build a shipping container…

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