Tiny House Storage Solutions: 7 Ideas to Make the Most of Your Small Space

Can you ever have enough tiny house storage ideas?!

When you are surrounded by stuff and clutter, going minimalist is the only solution most of the time. When you do, you’ll realize that you don’t need to have so much living space as you used to. In this case, moving into a smaller home seems to be a good idea. Thanks to the tiny house movement, living big in a tiny home now highlights simplicity at its finest.

For many tiny house dwellers, this kind of living offers a unique lifestyle and paints a picture of sustainability, financial freedom, and functionality. On the one hand, it has its share of drawbacks, too. While it promotes downsizing and “living with less,” you still need to secure some things, and the most significant challenge would be how to store and organize them effectively.

With that, you might want to check out some of the clever tiny house storage and organizing solutions explained below to help you live in a practical yet cozy little home.
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Store Things Under

One way to organize your things in a tiny house is by keeping them under. Sometimes, the areas underneath some household items and other places are just ignored. However, you can actually take advantage of these areas and turn them into a hideaway compartment for items you may or may not need.

You might want to consider having built-in storage under the:
  • Bed - you can keep personal items under your bed. Items such as your books, notebooks, and other important or not-so-important stuff can be stored under your bed so that you can access them easily. This way, you don’t have to walk too far just to get something, especially once you’ve already settled down on your bed.
  • Bench - hiding appliances under the bench or seating is a clever way to keep them out of sight and, likewise, close by if you need them. Through this, your benches can serve the dual purpose of providing seats and extra storage space.
  • Floor - most of you might already have heard of a storage area up on the ceiling. However, did you know that you also can make a DIY floor storage compartment? Here, you can simply install pull-out drawers for your most valuable items, like shoes.

Utilize Combination Units

Combination units are now one of the most trendy items among homeowners. Most of these items integrate bathroom essentials into a single component, making them easy to install and maintain. One very famous unit is the paper towel dispenser with bin. This item comes in very handy and is specially designed for those who want to save space but at the same time look classy.

Make Use of Both Sides of the Shelves

When organizing, most of you will think only of putting things on top of a shelf. But guess what? You can also make use of its underside. Using hooks and jar lids, you can fasten a lid on the shelving’s underside and then attach its respective jar to it. This is a fantastic way to keep tea bags, spices, or other stuff in your kitchen.

Get Creative with the Cabinets

Of course, the most effective way to store and organize your clutter is by putting them inside the cabinets. On the one hand, you can still add a little twist to them. Now, some cabinets come with wheels on the bottom. These roll-in cabinets allow you to push them aside or out of your way once you’re done using them.

Another mainstay in tiny houses is under-the-stairs cabinets. You can see this style of “cabinetry” in almost every tiny home, and for a good reason. Aside from being a very innovative technique, it’s also a great way to use as a drop zone for shoes, clothes, or a closet for your kitchen pantry.

Hang Items

Your kitchen is probably among the areas that have the most items. One way to ensure that your kitchen countertops are kept tidy is by hanging your kitchen essentials to the ceilings. For instance, you can creatively hang your pots and pans, so they don’t have to take too much storage space. Just make sure that you use strong hooks that can support their weight. Unless you do, these appliances will keep on falling and might get damaged in the process.

Try High Shelving

High shelving also works well with your tiny house storage. This means that you install a floating shelf that’s high enough, sometimes even close to your ceiling. Most of the time, the items stored in this kind of shelving are books. So if you are a book-lover and love to keep a collection, this is one way to organize them with style.

Don’t Forget the Corners

The corners of your home play an essential role when you talk about shelves and storage. By simply putting wooden planks or the likes, you can now put your favorite potted plant, picture frames, and other designs you want. Corner shelves are one way to maximize your space while still displaying your most treasured items.

Tiny House Storage Solutions Takeaway

As you may know by now, living in a tiny home gives so many benefits. And even though you might encounter storage and organizing problems in the future, you don’t have to worry. The tiny house storage solutions mentioned above can help guide you in case you find yourself in such a situation.

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