Turn Your Tiny House Into Something Else: 3 Things You Can Do Other Than Living in It

Fun tiny house use ideas!

People choose to live in tiny houses for a variety of reasons. Some move to a tiny house because of their financial situations. Living on a tight budget is much easier when you are settled in a tiny house. Some move because they prefer a minimalist lifestyle. With the limited amount of space, these tiny houses are perfect for them to embrace that sort of lifestyle.

However, you can use your tiny house for a variety of purposes other than living in it. Let us look into three of those uses for tiny houses.

Tiny house on wheels used as a home office - click to see the Sol Pod plans!

1) Turn It Into a Library

Having a personal library inside the house is something many people dream about. To people who love literature or reading books, this is all they ever want. But, sadly, a library will take up a lot of space. And even if one could set it up inside the house, it would probably not be as big as they would want it to be. That means they cannot include too many books or get creative with the library’s layout.

However, they could avoid all these limitations if they set up the library inside a tiny house. Then, they can not only get as many books as they want and get creative with the layout and the designs. You can even give the library a theme if you want to. You might want to look into this if you are building something to keep your kids entertained.

Inside the tiny house, you can set up all the bookshelves on one side of the house. Then, you can use the other side as a small reading space. Throw in a few chairs and tables, but make sure they are not too big.

Although a lot smaller than an actual library, the one you set up in your tiny house will still make you feel as if you were in an actual one. At the very least, it will still be a lot bigger than the one you could have set up inside your house.

2) Make It Your Workspace

Thanks to ongoing vaccination programs, we are able to contain the COVID-19 situation to some extent. People have also started to return to their physical workplace. However, the idea of a home office is something that many people are still looking into. They had the chance to work from home during the early days of the pandemic. And while it was a new experience for many, it was not a pleasant one in most cases.

It isn't easy to set up a workspace inside your house for many reasons. So why not set it up somewhere else, like a tiny house?

Irrespective of your profession, you can convert a tiny house into your desired workspace setup. Some of the elements inside a tiny office will be common everywhere. For instance, there will be a table and chair arrangement for you, a small meeting area, and maybe even a lounge area of sorts. You can work out the layout of your home office as per your requirements. And while the space is limited, it is still a lot more than having a single room or a corner table inside the house as your home workspace.

3) Create an Indoor Garden

Container gardening allows you to create an indoor garden inside your tiny house. With pot or container gardening, not only can you grow plants and flowers, but you can also cultivate different types of vegetables. Some of the vegetables you can grow in containers include tomatoes, peppers, green onions, lettuce, eggplants, etc. You can then consume these vegetables or even sell them in the market.

Besides vegetables, you can set up a flower garden as well. For the vegetables, you can use plastic pots. Flowers, on the other hand, will look more attractive in terra cotta ones. Just make sure that the containers have drainage holes to get rid of the excess water. Otherwise, it will become hard for you to keep the plants healthy.

Natural lighting is essential for the growth of your plants. So the tiny house that you want to use for the indoor garden should have access to plenty of natural light. But, at the same time, the temperature inside it should not go above a certain limit. That could lead to a catastrophic situation for your plants.

Tiny House Use Ideas

And while you can use your tiny house for many other purposes, these are some of the more reasonable and fun options. As long as you can get creative with your ideas, you can turn your tiny house into anything you want, from the beginning or after living it in for a while.

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