Update: City of San Diego Expected to Pass Movable Tiny House Zoning

The 8th Largest City in the US Moves Closer to Allowing Movable Tiny Houses

On October 10th, the Land Use and Housing Council Committee voted unanimously to direct City Attorney to draft an amendment to San Diego’s municipal code that would allow movable tiny houses as ADU's, aka accessory dwelling units.

Update from lead advocate, Dan Fitzpatrick, the Director of Government Relations and Advocacy for the American Tiny House Association and Tiny Home Industry Association:

"This is a week of good news in tiny house land! For the past several months ATHA and THIA have been working with the San Diego City Council and staff to legalize movable tiny houses as ADUs. As you may recall, I had the opportunity, several months ago, to present to the Council on the wisdom of including movable tiny houses as ADUs."

Read more about it here.

Join the local ATHA Chapter to learn how you can help bring this zoning ordinance over the finish line:


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