Tiny House Parking Comparison: Village VS Backyard

tiny house parking

Tiny house parking is hugely important. The good news is the number of options is growing all the time. Check out our in-depth guide to learn about the available types of parking. But what type of tiny house parking spot is best for you? Backyard parking and tiny home communities differ in many ways, especially…

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Seattle’s Tiny Homes for the Homeless

tiny homes for homeless

Tiny homes for the homeless are proving to be an effective solution for emergency shelter and transitional housing. Seattle, like many US cities, is experiencing a staggering homelessness crisis. Innovative, affordable housing and transitional shelter solutions are needed, and that’s where the Low Income Housing Institute comes in. In partnership with the city and other…

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Tiny Houses Built with Salvaged Materials in Model Village

Enjoy a thought-provoking trip to Salvage, Texas in our latest short documentary. Building tiny houses with salvaged materials is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and can even lead to a new way of thinking. It certainly did for Tiny Texas Houses​ founder Brad Kittell. He shares his vision for creating hope from trash—his Pure Salvage Living philosophy:…

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A Mindful EcoVillage’s Legal Tiny Houses and Natural Built Homes


Welcome to the Port Townsend EcoVillage in Washington’s Quimper Peninsula. It’s a progressive-minded intentional community striving to live in harmony with the earth and each other. Their village is home to a wide variety of naturally built homes, and now two legally permitted tiny houses. Our latest short documentary shares an honest perspective on experimental…

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Inspiring Low-Cost, Self-Managed Tiny Home Village for Formerly Homeless

What does it take to create a more humane society that provides opportunities for stable, safe, and affordable housing? Opportunity Village in Eugene, Oregon, is a successful transitional tiny home community for formerly homeless individuals and couples. Amazingly, it only costs $5 per night per person—perhaps the most cost-effective shelter program in the nation. Their…

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Colorado Mountain Tiny Home Community & Getaway: Parking Available!

Tiny House Parking Spots NOW Available! Love mountains? Looking for tiny house parking? Welcome to Tiny House Leadville, aka Leadville RV Corral. It’s a charming little tiny home community with eight vacation rentals, long term THOW parking spots, and short-term RV spots. It’s situated in historic downtown Leadville (nation’s highest elevation city–over 10,000 feet!) within…

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How to Find Tiny House Parking: Available Options and Tips

“Where can I park my tiny house?” The uncertainty, even anxiety, around tiny house parking keeps lots of would-be tiny dwellers from pursuing the idea any further. In our latest video, we share what options are available NOW, from legal to risky. Additionally, we share tips for finding your ideal THOW parking spot. Additional Resources…

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Backyard Tiny House Village: Twist on Intentional Community

Welcome to Going Places, an inventive tiny home community in Portland, Oregon. It’s a fresh take on an intentional community as a small scale cohousing setup with two tiny houses in the backyard and a shared small traditional house. It showcases how truly accessible and rewarding community development can be. The Going Places community approach…

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Remarkable Tiny Home Village for Formerly Homeless in Austin

In this week’s video, we share a look inside Community First Village in Austin, Texas. It’s a beautiful 51-acre master-planned tiny home village providing affordable housing in a supportive community for the disabled and previously chronically homeless. Community First is currently home to 200 individuals in tiny houses and RVs. Also, a missional community lives…

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