Nomadic Carpenter’s DIY Custom Camper Home

Meet Keith, a nomadic carpenter who built a rad DIY custom camper home. We first met him when he parked next to our tiny house a couple of years ago. Then, he'd been traveling in his creative home on wheels for about a year. His cozy tiny home has a simple charm, mixed high and low tech.

DIY Custom Camper

Space efficiency is maximized with clever solutions in Keith's tiny home. For example, he made a multifunctional pull-out table. Keith enjoys doodling and writing down notes on the framed whiteboard. 

Keith's custom home on wheels is his ticket to outdoor adventuring between carpenter jobs. For him, life is best lived outdoors. Nomadic travels have also introduced him to many wonderful open-minded tiny dwellers and travelers. Follow his adventuring and new tiny house conversion business: @KeithCo