Tiny House Appendix Approved in Massachusetts

MA Becomes 6th State to Adopt IRC Tiny House Appendix Q

Massachusetts joins California, Idaho, Maine, Oregon, and Georgia to become one of the first states to adopt International Residential Code, Appendix Q for Tiny Houses. Also, other statewide adoption in the works include Washington and Florida. It provides a model building code for houses 400 square feet and under.

"This has been a long road, and many people have helped make it happen through letter-writing, testimony, strategizing, and bill-writing (special thanks Senator Adam Hinds​ and the Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance​!). Now, it should become easier for other states to adopt Appendix Q for their own innovative builders, and easier for Massachusetts residents to build small homes. Team work makes the dream work. Congratulations to all who made it happen!"

-Katie Jackson, American Tiny House Association Chapter Leader and BB&B Micro Manufacturing business development rep

To learn about the local implications, read local advocacy leader BB&B Micro Manufacturing's blog here.

Also to learn more about the Tiny House Appendix and what it means for the tiny house movement, watch: Living Tiny Legally, Part 2 (beginning at 36:00).