Tiny House Self-Quarantine!? COVID-19 Shelter in Place Prep in a 130 sqft

Coronavirus self-quarantine tiny house edition: will we lose our minds in our 130 square foot tiny home over the next several weeks?! Maybe.

Good news: we have five years working and living tiny together, a secure affordable parking spot, and relatively enough supplies. Watch to see how we prepared for self-isolation in our tiny house on wheels and how we're managing, including:

  • Extra food storage

We've stuffed our pantry space and got creative on additional storage in unconventional parts of the house and outside too.

  • Toilet paper:

Shortages are real! We had to use thick napkins. So thank goodness, we don't have traditional plumbing.

  • Hygiene

Of course, washing hands frequently is critical, but we're also trying to get our bodies clean. This has become a little inconvenient. Typically, we shower at the gym. While this helps keep us motivated to stay fit, we also don't have to mess with the stuff we store in the shower.

  • Laundry

Fortunately, we did it just before the stay at home order. Also, we have enough underwear for a couple of more weeks. Managing social distancing in a laundromat seems insanely difficult.

  • Parking

We are especially grateful for our affordable backyard parking spot. Besides giving us financial security, the green space helps us not feel so cooped up. As a bonus, there are some safe-distance socializing opportunities with our neighbors.

Stay tuned to see if how we're coping with so much time in our tiny space together!

For official Coronavirus information for protecting yourself and others, visit this site.

Sending warm wishes and positive vibes to all of you for good health and wellbeing during this crazy time. 

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