Tips for Tiny House Living with Kids

Guest Post by Joanne Elliot

For some, it’s the dream to raise their family in a large house where everyone has their own room. However, this isn’t always possible. Many people love spacious homes, but for others, a more compact place might be the best option, either for financial or personal reasons. Also, tiny house living is an ongoing trend for many young couples, so our today’s topic will be especially interesting for those interested in having children in the future.

Whatever the case might be, raising kids in a small house can be challenging, which is why in this article, we’ll be going over four tips you might want to consider for tiny house living with kids.

The Schraub family made tiny house living with kids long-term easier with their 3-bedroom design - click to watch the tour!

Top Tips for Tiny House Living with Kids

In a nutshell, if you live in a tiny house with kids, you might want to follow these steps to make the living in your small space comfortable:

  1. Don’t buy too much stuff.
  2. Let the kids enjoy the outdoors.
  3. Have spacious storage.
  4. Don’t accumulate clutter.

1) Don’t buy too much stuff

It’s common for most parents to focus entirely on how they can provide the best living conditions for their kids. One way of doing this is to buy all the recommended things throughout each stage of development. This might include an expensive and large baby crib, bottle warmer, toys, and much more. It’s crucial you understand that so many gadgets, toys & accessories are heavily marketed to parents nonstop, and most aren't really needed. Also, material objects won’t necessarily make your kids happy, but your attention will. Not to mention, children's toys can be quite expensive. When kids are growing up, they need the love and affection of their parents more than anything.

When living in a tiny house with kids, you need to be very deliberate about what you bring in. So yes, this means you'll need to share this with family & friends around the topic of gift giving.

Shannon shares how she helped her kids downsize their toys & how they trained the extended family:

2) Let the kids enjoy the outdoors

Staying indoors all day can lead to feeling tired, inactive, and uninspired. But when living with kids in a tiny house, you spending more time outdoors is essential for not feeling cooped up. Depending on where you live, they can easily play on the porch or perhaps go to a local park. Make sure to take them for walks outside the house regularly.

If you have your own yard, even if it's tiny, you can make it a cozy and beautiful living room extension for kids to hang out. This will make your living space feel more spacious and welcoming too. Tending to your own yard and growing kids can be very hard and time-consuming, especially if you are trying to combine it with higher education, as many young parents do or older parents returning to school. When time is scarce, you can always get a cheap custom essay from an online professional or find a tutor to help you hone your skills to get assignments done quicker. This will allow you to spend more time with your kids & enjoying outdoor adventures together.

3) Have spacious storage

A tiny house can easily get messy, especially as the kids might not have many areas to play indoors. However, it can be improved if you make some smart organizational decisions. To avoid the kids' toys from being cluttered everywhere, you can look into custom storage solutions for them. It can be a cabinet, closet, cool basket, or even an outdoor shed. This way, everyone can have a place to neatly store their things when not in use. Also, it could help you to rotate their toys as they get bored with using them.

4) Don't accumulate clutter

Over the years, people tend to periodically get more and more household and personal items. Maybe it's a new slow cooker or extra toys. If you are still learning, books, stationery, and other things that contribute to your students writing will likely occupy a lot of your space. Whatever it might be, you must ensure you keep minimal items in the tiny house. So this will mean decluttering annually to get rid of things your kids have grown out of.

When looking to buy something new, you need to identify what you would have to remove from the house. If you need to buy some new books for school, perhaps you can sell or give away some of your old ones. A simple rule you can follow is one thing out for every one thing in. This is an excellent rule for every household, but those living in a small house would benefit from it the most.

Clever design ideas & planning tips for tiny house living with kids:

Tiny House Living with Kids Conclusion

Kids are bundles of joy that need care and attention. A tiny house can be an enjoyable and cozy place to raise kids if you make some smart decisions and adjustments to make it more convenient. With some careful upfront planning and a careful eye for decluttering, your tiny house can be a welcoming home for all ages. Hopefully, you found this article helpful and inspiring.

by Joanne Elliot

Joanne Elliot is a teacher who primarily works with kindergarten students. She enjoys her job and is constantly looking for ways to help young parents. Joanne is also an avid sports fan and regularly watches soccer games with her family.

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