Traveling Off-Grid Tiny Home with Digital Nomad Mobile Office

Full-time travel with a triple axle is for the brave and skilled!

Meet Alisha and Brian and their two big dogs, Roxie & Arks. Together they've been traveling with their 30' off-grid tiny home on wheels for almost one year. They stay exclusively at BLM boondocking spots (off-grid camping).

Frequent travel with a triple axle trailer is not for unskilled or weak-kneed! Brian and Alisha's towing skills are top-notch. And as they share in the video, a tremendous amount of planning goes into each trip and each parking spot.

While they travel, Alisha makes a living as a remote worker. She works from home in her pretty spacious office. Brian does online marketing, as well as odd jobs, here and there.

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Do you want to travel with your tiny home on wheels?

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