Top Reasons to Have a Greenhouse in Your Backyard or Tiny House Homestead

Are you passionate about growing plants? Do you want to be even more self-reliant?

If so, then having a greenhouse in your backyard is an excellent way of turning your gardening hobby into a passion. If you want to prolong your gardening season and want to grow greens in the winter also, then greenhouse will be your best friend. It is a stable warm environment in which plants and greens are grown.

This concept started from the Roman Empire when an Emperor Tiberius commanded to have an Armenian cucumber every day. For this, his gardener uses the system that is similar to the modern greenhouse to fulfill the Emperor’s demand.

However, the first modern greenhouse house was first sighted in the 13th century. In the beginning, wealthy people used to have them but later on they were branched out to universities. In the 19th century, some of the largest greenhouses were built. While in the 20th century, the geodesic dome greenhouses gained popularity and now advanced greenhouses are widely being used to grow vegetables and plants all year long.

In this article, we’ll take you through some reasons why do you need a greenhouse in your backyard. So, to learn about them, keeping reading!

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How Does A Greenhouse Work?

The light that comes from the sun passes through the roof of the greenhouse. It heats both the ground and plants inside it. Then infrared radiations are emitted by these objects that are reflected or absorbed by the glass roof. Thus, the thermal energy is formed which cannot escape the greenhouse and gets trapped, keeping it warm from the inside, even in winters.  The whole process is called the greenhouse effect.

If you want to grow your greens, flowers, plants, etc. safely in a better environment, then you have to get yourself one. If you are hunting for the best greenhouses, then make sure to visit the Greenhouse Stores website.

Reasons Why You Should Have a Greenhouse


One of the many benefits of owning a greenhouse is that you can use it not for one or two but multiple purposes. For example, you can grow exotic plants, fresh vegetables, house plants, bulb plants, flowers, and all types of seeding. Moreover, you can grow different things every year, or produce a combination of things at once.

One Gardening Place

When you have a greenhouse in your backyard, then there is no mess created by traditional gardening or no need of building a garden shed. Instead, you have fixed gardening spot for everything you can possibly grow in one place.

Plants and Greens Protection

By growing plants and vegetables inside a greenhouse, you are making sure that they are protected from rough weather, infestation, seasonal pests, etc. Planting your greens in a greenhouse makes sure they are fresh, protected, healthy, and happy all year long.

Ideal Environment

If you are passionate about gardening, you must know that plants and greens love to grow in a warm and humid environment. Plus, a proper environment helps in enhancing their growth, which is the primary purpose of growing plants in a greenhouse.

All- Season Garden

The most common problem every gardener faces is that they are not able to plant certain seeds in an inappropriate season. Do not worry because there is no such thing as the unsuitable season in a greenhouse. It is the best and optimum environment that you can provide to your plants plus you can grow them all year long.

Low-Impact Homesteading

Even if you don't own land, you can still have the tiny homestead experience of growing your food. Greenhouse gardening offers an excellent work/trade opportunity between you and your tiny house host. You could ask for permission to erect a small-scale greenhouse in their backyard. Then you share the food you grow with your land-mates. Or perhaps, you split the upfront cost and/or labor.

Like tiny homes on wheels, you can fairly easily move a smaller greenhouse to a new location, if needed. Therefore, opening up the land for another use.

A greenhouse would also make an ideal addition to any tiny house community.

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