Upsides of Downsizing: How To Effectively Downsize Your Home

Downsizing has more facets than you might think. It's not just about getting rid stuff.

Going tiny by downsizing has swept over the world as more people indulge in the trend. With this, you don’t necessarily have to go to extremes by getting rid of everything except just the barest of bare essentials. You could even downsize in part with easy steps such as maximizing your storage space or going digital.

Likewise, if you’re curious about the tiny home movement, read below and discover how to effectively downsize to prepare for tiny living.

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Advantages Of Downsizing

Smaller homes are undeniably easier to sustain. Because a tiny home has less furniture and materials, it takes less energy and time to accomplish house tasks. Likewise, you would also spend less time cleaning and decluttering your home.

Additionally, going tiny also pertains to fewer expenses, purchases, debts, and even mortgage payments. With this, you would have fewer ordinary housing payments for insurance, electricity, water, and even taxes.

Since tiny houses limit your available storage space, it naturally helps curb excessive consumerism buying habits. Thus, downsizing helps you accommodate a lifestyle that is easy on your wallet but long-lasting in quality of life.

Disadvantages Of Downsizing

Going tiny also has its downsides as you have minimal space for additional belongings. With this, you may have to give or throw out things you don’t really need but like. Likewise, your tiny home could also have restrictions in storage space, not only for your things but for personal space as well. This means that you get to bond more with family members as there is less space for privacy.

Additionally, downsizing could also make a significant change to your lifestyle. For homeowners who have been used to large homes, adopting a tiny house equates to trading your comfort zone for something incredibly new. It can be rewarding if you go in prepared, but it can be a shock if you don't commit to downsizing ahead of your big move.

Tips To Effectively Downsize

Downsizing can be challenging as it is uncharted territory for many. However, there are easy steps to practice “going tiny” without going to extreme measures. With this, you could try downsizing with the steps found below.

Create An Inventory Of Your Items

Before you get a garbage bag and throw everything out, you first need to sort through all of your items. With this, you will have to go through every room and inspect every belonging you have.

You could also try the three-box method, which can save you time and effort. For this, you’d have to acquire three boxes and label each as “Keep,” “Storage” (a maybe category), and “Get Rid Of.” It would also help if you keep daily items you use in the “Keep” box, seasonal belongings in storage, and things you don’t need in the “Get Rid Of” box. By creating this system, you stay organized and on track with every item you have.

Make A Plan For Unwanted Items

You don’t always have to throw items away if you don’t need them. For this, you have a few choices you could go for - with it being donations or yard sales.

Donations rid you of unwanted items to people who greatly need them. Here, you could give up your clothing, furniture, and even toys to local charities. On the other hand, you could also go for a yard sale to make some extra cash while you’re at it. By doing so, you get unwanted items away from your hands while earning extra bucks.

Measure All Your Furniture

Measuring your furniture allows you to see if it exactly fits in your future tiny space and what won't. You could save time and effort as well since you get a mental picture in your head. Likewise, you should also avoid buying new items out-of-the-blue until you get a feel of your floor plan and space. Keep in mind that most tiny house designs work best with small space-specific furniture.

Maximize Your Storage

Since tiny homes don’t have the luxury of basements or garages, it’s always best to maximize your storage space. With this, you could build storage options in your furniture, such as beds with drawers underneath, bookshelves, and even baskets to declutter your belongings.

You could even adopt an open floor plan which could make your home more spacious and more extensive than it probably is. Since partitions make houses look smaller, removing them could make your tiny home more expansive and pleasant.

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Always Go Digital

Going digital equates to throwing out paper files, keeping the necessary ones, and scanning others you may need in the future. You could also do this for photos and music so you could free up space from your office. Lastly, you could even throw out or recycle scratched DVDs or VHS tapes if you don’t need them anymore.


Downsizing can take a lot of planning and effort. But once done and accomplished, it can grant a lifestyle that saves you time, space, and money. Additionally, with the tips above, you’re already one step ahead in your tiny home movement! And for more downsizing and tiny living advice, browse out our blog.

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