7 Features That Make a Tiny House Look Bigger

A tiny house can be designed to look just as stylish and spacious as other larger homes. Small spaces can make everything look smaller if poorly designed and poorly organized. Fortunately, you can be creative and make the most out of your small space to create the illusion of a larger one.

Here are some inexpensive tips to help you make your tiny home look more spacious.

Denise used small space decor techniques to make her space feel bigger - click to see more!

A Stylish Sofa with Legs

There are several ways to make a small house bigger, and one of the easiest ways to do this is with the right sofa. Choosing one with legs means there's a bit of open space underneath. This allows light to filter under it, making the room appear airier. Further, it creates a sense of depth in your living room and gives the illusion that there's more space than there is.


Lighting can make or break a space. More than almost any other aspect of home improvement, lighting can make a small space feel and look spacious, making it an essential factor to consider for tiny homes. Having plenty of natural light from windows helps immensely. The more, the merrier. A large picture window or skylight in a living room can make the entire house feel more open.

Great lighting fixtures can also help. Rather than having one primary light source, make sure that each corner is bright so that you can easily see things at your home, which could help emphasize the height of your home. Also, if you want to have a chandelier in a tiny house, opt for a compact one. Bulky hanging lights can make your space feel more compressed and cluttered.

Use Light Colors

When choosing paint colors for your tiny home, lighter shades make rooms appear larger than darker shades. Darker colors tend to absorb light and narrow spaces down visually, making them feel smaller than their actual size would imply, while lighter colors reflect light and expand them outwards, making them seem large.

Use light colors on the walls and trim around windows, doors, and other openings outside the house. If you can't paint your walls white, hang white curtains or use white accessories like lamps and dishes.


You can make your small space appear bigger by using mirrors, as they reflect light and make the walls seem farther away from each other. In physics, using a mirror could trick a person's eye into thinking that there is more space than the present. The human eye perceives the bouncing reflections as increased volume, which makes the room look bigger.

Adding mirrors makes your tiny home appear spacious and welcoming. It will make the room feel as if it's twice as big. You can put them in tight spaces in or behind furniture. You could also put a mirror at the back of a light source, such as lamps, floor lamps, or even candles.

A mirror can play double duty as a decorative accent. Look for options with interesting shapes or a little shelf for a plant. A little greenery can make your tiny home feel more vibrant.

Open Shelving

The key to avoiding visual clutter when working with small spaces is having open shelves rather than closed ones. Because too much cabinetry can create a cramped feel.

Open shelves give the illusion that there's more storage space than there is, and they also look nice. The key to an attractive appearance is what you store on them. Displaying your curated dishware and Mason jars are ideal choices, for example. For more messy-looking items, opt for small baskets to keep your shelving tidy.

Multipurpose Furniture

Select furniture that serves multiple purposes. Multifunctional pieces can help make your interior less cluttered. A Murphy bed is a great option. It can also function as a closet, side table, and bookshelf. When the bed is folded up, you get to enjoy the open floor space.

Minimize Clutter, Maximize Organization

Downsizing is a continual journey. However, reducing your belongings only matters so much. It's all about how you organize your space! Sometimes the right organizer tool can make all the difference. For example, a tiny house storage loft can quickly look like a cluttered mess. But simply using cute storage baskets can make it feel instantly tidy, which makes your entire home feel bigger.

If you're looking for a way to make your tiny home look bigger and more organized but aren't sure what else you can do, consider hiring help. A professional organizer does more than just organize. They help you figure out how best to arrange furniture to maximize space and store items in drawers and cabinets that would otherwise be wasted space. They also help you eliminate things that are no longer useful or wanted so that your space feels fresh and clean rather than cluttered with clutter.

Our friend & van-dweller, Claudia is an orgnaization pro! She offers space design & virtual organizing services.

Denise made her 300 sqft tiny home feel much bigger!

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