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City of LA Moves Forward with Tiny House Zoning: Another Hurdle Cleared

After Six Months of Waiting, LA Ready to Vote on ADU Ordinance, includes Movable Tiny Houses

6/12/19 Update from Dan Fitzpatrick, American Tiny House Association Director of Government Relations and Advocacy:

"Council Committee Update: The LA Council land use committee gave direction to make several amendments to the ADU ordinance and bring it back to the committee. The proposed amendments do not hurt the key provision of making movable tiny homes legal ADU in LA. Thus the ordinance will be back on the Council committee agenda right after their July recess.

Once the Committee approves the ordinance it goes to the full Council. The Committee seemed supportive of movable tiny homes as ADUs, so we expect approval to move forward. Thank you to all of you that gave support to this groundbreaking ordinance."

The City of LA is moving forward with an accessory dwelling unit zoning ordinance. Most importantly, it includes language to allow movable tiny houses, aka THOWs. It's taken two years of dedication to get this point.

During our last visit to LA in December 2018, we documented the previous step in this process. We are absolutely thrilled to see finally moving forward. Watch this video to learn more.

Show Your Support!

Attend the Planning and Land Use Committee meeting, 6/11 at 2:30 pm, OR write emails to city council members. For more details and help, including an email template, see the CA Tiny Advocacy Network newsletter HERE.

Major KUDOS to the SoCal advocates, led by Tessa Baker, American Tiny House Association chapter leader and co-founder of LATCH Collective.


"There's movement in the City of Los Angeles regarding the legalization of movable tiny homes! "

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