Movable Tiny Houses NOW Legal as ADUs in Los Angeles!!!

12/12/19 Update: Movables Tiny Houses as ADUs in LA NOW Legal!

After years of advocacy and many starts and stops, victory has been achieved. The second-largest city in the US finally approved movable tiny houses as ADUs. The positive ripple effect caused by this historic success story will be huge, locally, and across the nation. Within a few months, permitted tiny homes could start popping in backyards across the city.

Legalizing tiny with the American Tiny House Association, Tiny House Advocacy Network, and LATCH Collective!

Congratulations and sincere thanks to all advocates who helped make this victory a reality! Read the ordinance here.

"The City of Los Angeles has given the green light to Movable Tiny Homes as ADUs! The ordinance becomes law in time for Christmas!

The Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) ordinance has been APPROVED today by the LA City Council. This ordinance permits Movable Tiny Houses as permissible and permanently habitable accessory dwelling units (ADU).
Suffice it to say that, now that the nation’s 2nd largest city recognizes Movable Tiny Homes as habitable ADU’s, it will go a long way in providing a model for other cities around the country.

Thank you to American Tiny House Association (ATHA) and Tiny Home Industry Association (THIA) and a special thanks to Tessa Baker of Los Angeles Co-built Homes (LATCH) that did the early groundwork with LA elected officials."

-Dan Fitzpatrick, THIA President and ATHA Director of Government Relations & Advocacy

The timing of this victory couldn't be better. Both San Jose and San Diego are currently considering accepting movable tiny houses. LA's zoning ordinance provides a clear path forward for large urban communities.

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Tiny Homes on wheels are now legal in LA!!! This is the biggest thing that has ever happened in the tiny house world! Even better than just being legal, it means that Tiny Homes on wheels can be used as Accessory Dwelling Units on lots that are zoned as single family residences. This means that families can now more easily provide space for loved ones. It means older Americans can stay in their homes longer by providing space for a younger person or a caretaker. Because of this new law, LA will have much more options for lower income families to live in more affluent areas, disrupting the residential divisions in the city and leading to a higher rate of upward mobility. It will also generate far more single bedroom housing options, which will help ease the demand and gradually lower the whole regions rents. This city ordinance is following the lead of Fresno and San Luis Obispo and is the result of years of activism and dedication from a determined group of Tiny House advocates. The THIA President @fitzpatrick4351 has been elemental in every legislative success yet none of it would have happened without work of individuals who banded together to demand change. One person in particular deserves special recognition, Tessa Baker of @latch_collective was the ever persistent voice in the ear of the city council. Her activism is what started the ball rolling and her persistence is what brought us to this point. Also @californiatinyhouse who’s work triggered the initial legislative changes in Fresno. It’s really been a big team effort by the entire movement and we all deserve to celebrate. It is a great day for everyone looking to progress to a better society with more inclusion for all. We now have a precedent of a city making real change to adapt its codes to better fit the needs of the population. We still have millions of Americans who are desperate for solutions in other cities, but this is most certainly a #tinywin .

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8/21/19 Update: One BIG step closer to approval!

The 2nd largest city in the country, Los Angeles, is one BIG step closer to approving movable tiny houses, aka THOWs, as legal accessory dwelling units!

Update from lead advocate, Dan Fitzpatrick, the Director of Government Relations and Advocacy for ATHA:

"Good news from the City of Los Angeles! The Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) ordinance has cleared another important hurdle.

The Planning and Land Use Committee of the LA City Council voted to recommend to the full City Council, adoption of an amended ADU ordinance which permit Movable Tiny Houses as legal and permanently habitable accessory dwelling units.

Hopefully this will go to the full City Council next month. When I get the current update of the ordinance, I will post a link to it.

Suffice it to say that if the nation’s 2nd largest city recognizes Movable Tiny Homes as habitable ADU’s, it will go a long way in providing a model to other cities."

After Six Months of Waiting, LA Ready to Vote on ADU Ordinance, includes Movable Tiny Houses

6/12/19 Update from Dan Fitzpatrick, American Tiny House Association Director of Government Relations and Advocacy:

"Council Committee Update: The LA Council land use committee gave direction to make several amendments to the ADU ordinance and bring it back to the committee. The proposed amendments do not hurt the key provision of making movable tiny homes legal ADU in LA. Thus the ordinance will be back on the Council committee agenda right after their July recess.

Once the Committee approves the ordinance it goes to the full Council. The Committee seemed supportive of movable tiny homes as ADUs, so we expect approval to move forward. Thank you to all of you that gave support to this groundbreaking ordinance."

The City of LA is moving forward with an accessory dwelling unit zoning ordinance. Most importantly, it includes language to allow movable tiny houses, aka THOWs. It's taken two years of dedication to get this point.

During our last visit to LA in December 2018, we documented the previous step in this process. We are absolutely thrilled to see finally moving forward. Watch this video to learn more.

Show Your Support!

Attend the Planning and Land Use Committee meeting, 6/11 at 2:30 pm, OR write emails to city council members. For more details and help, including an email template, see the CA Tiny Advocacy Network newsletter HERE.

Major KUDOS to the SoCal advocates, led by Tessa Baker, American Tiny House Association chapter leader and co-founder of LATCH Collective.


"There's movement in the City of Los Angeles regarding the legalization of movable tiny homes! "


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