Couple’s Clever Tiny House Enables Slow Travel Lifestyle

Flexible jobs, flexible home = adventure of a lifetime

Meet Matt and Logan; they travel with their 24' clever tiny house every few months, thanks to flexible jobs. Logan works as a traveling cardiovascular tech. While Matt easily finds work wherever they go as a building engineer. For them, their home on wheels gave them the perfect opportunity to explore the country before settling down on their future land.

"We get to travel the country but at a slower pace. Every spot we stop at is about 3-6 months, so we really get feel for the town we're in and the state and see if we like it or not. And if not, we can just hook up the tiny house and go somewhere else.

One of the big reasons was that we realized where we grew up and lived probably wasn't the place we wanted to be the rest of our lives. There are so many more places to explore and see. And we really want to figure out where we want to settle down in the future, raise our family, and invest in a house.

Tiny house life specifically was very appealing to us because it feels like an actual house but just on a smaller scale."

-Logan and Matt, @moseyingaroundtogether

Inside Their Clever Tiny House

Wind River Tiny Homes built Matt and Logan's tiny house on wheels. It's 24-feet long by 8.5-feet wide, and 13.5-feet tall. In total, they have 290 square feet of living space (including loft). Their home is full of custom design details, like a dog crate built right into their storage stairs.

Another cool feature is a do-it-yourself solution for airflow. Matt created a mini-split snorkel to redirect some cool air into their sleeping loft. As he points out, wall placement to achieve optimal airflow across the entire tiny house is a challenge. They noticed perfect cool temps downstairs, but the upstairs was too warm. So that lead to a DIY invention using plastic gutters from Home Depot.

Watch the tour of their clever tiny home to see more!

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