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Tiny House Towing 101

A tiny house on wheels is a comfy ticket to adventure. Right? With the proper planning, it definitely can be. A common misconception is that all tiny house dwellers are nomads. For most, the wheels mean flexibility. You can move when the need or desire arises. Some travel because of their jobs like travel nurses.…

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Today’s Tiny House Parking Spot

Sharing Our Nomadic Tiny House Life As you guys know, we get around with our tiny house. We recently passed the 50,000-mile mark on our way up to Leadville, CO. Crazy! Three years ago, we had no idea that we would travel this far. One of our most frequently asked questions is where do you…

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The Children’s Book Inspired by Our Tiny House Adventures

“The Big Adventures of Tiny House” WITH MY FRIEND, SUSAN BERNARDO, AUTHOR OF “SUN KISSES MOON HUGS” & “THE BIG ADVENTURES OF TINY HOUSE” One year ago, Christian and I had a serendipitous meeting with children’s book author Susan Bernardo. It all began with our tiny house road trip to Ojai, CA, to film a…

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Tiny House Road Trippin’, A Year in Review

The Best & Worst Tiny House Adventures of 2016 A tiny house road trip is an extraordinary experience — the ultimate way to spread smiles and start conversations wherever you go. Our traveling home has proven to be our comfy ticket to adventure and a delightful way to meet new people. I love waking up…

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