DIY Tiny Home Build Stories

Don't miss our new series if you want to build your own tiny home!

Christian and I are excited to share our new series, DIY Tiny Home Build Stories. We hope to inspire you with these do-it-yourself success stories. Because it is possible, fulfilling, and the best way to save money on a tiny house.

In 2014, we began building our tiny house on wheels with the help of friends and family. Over eight months of planning and nine months of build time, including many ups & downs, it was all worth it in the end. We built a cozy custom home of our own that took us on an adventure of a lifetime. And our next DIY tiny home build project is a shuttle bus conversion—coming together very slowly but surely!

our DIY tiny home build
Christian and his dad putting up siding

DIY Tiny Home Builds, from vans to THOWs

In each DIY Tiny Home Build Stories episode, DIYers share their experience. Hear about what helped them the most, their biggest challenges, their creative solutions, and most importantly, advice for others. As you'll hear, there's nothing like the feeling of living in a home you had a hand in building.

After watching, we hope to empower you to take on your DIY tiny home build, all by yourself or with help.

Find our first several episodes on YouTube and the SHG Living streaming service (download it for free!). 
Looking for more help to get started? Visit our other site for invaluable how-tos, advice, and DIY resources!

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