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Tiny House Build

How to Get Equipment Financing as a Tiny Home Builder

If you’re a tiny house builder or contractor, operating your business with capital is necessary. Explore your options for equipment financing when money runs dry. Are you a tiny home builder struggling to get equipment? Building requires a variety of tools and large machines to safely build homes that are up to code. While many…

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7 Safety Tips for Your Next Tiny Home Remodel or Build

Whether you’re DIYing your next tiny home remodel or letting a professional handle it, safety should always be your number one concern! A recent survey found that just over 50% of North Americans would be willing to try out tiny living. That’s a pretty impressive number, but it also means that now, more than ever,…

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Things to Consider When Building a Tiny House from Scratch

Custom home building is a massive undertaking that isn’t for the faint of heart. Remember these things to consider when building a tiny house from scratch. Your dream tiny home is just around the corner: you’ve found the design, the location, and have the capital to build exactly the house you want. Before you get…

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7 Must-Know Facts About Tiny House Plumbing

Tiny house plumbing can range from very simple to complicated, here are some facts to help you prepare. Do you want to know what it’s like to live in a tiny house? More people are looking to join the tiny house movement by building their own tiny house. The movement began as a way for…

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Coffee with Community-Makers: Tiny Houses Greensboro

A poignant conversation about a non-profit’s mission to create a tiny house community for those most in need. Warm, funny and patient: my initial impressions of Audra Volpi and Amanda Albert, when I fumbled my way into The Green Bean for our coffee date. I was a bit of mess that morning, running late from…

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