Extreme Minimalism: Software Engineer’s Box Truck Frugal Living

Sharing a Story of Extreme Minimalism

Remember, What Works for Someone Else Might Not Work for You. Tiny Living is Individualistic!

Brandon is an extreme minimalist.

He converted a box truck into a barebones, rustic tiny home for frugal living in the insanely expensive Silicon Valley. As a young software engineer at a big tech company, he makes good money and could afford an apartment. But why do it when he basically justs sleeps when he's at home?

By choosing alternative housing, he is able to live debt-free and save up for early retirement.

Brandon's simple living in a box truck conversion comes with some positive side effects, like staying in shape, increased engagement in the community, and drastically reduced screentime while not a work.

In just a few short years, he plans to retire to pursue his passion for travel further.

"Living with so few things is just like traveling. You want to pack light; you want to be able to be mobile."


Of course, Brandon's style of tiny living is most definitely not for everyone. But it is working well for him, and he's already reaping the benefits of austere minimalism. Check out his blog, From Inside the Box, to learn more.

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