How Does Water Get to My House When It’s a Tiny House?

Are you aware of all your options for water in a tiny house? If you wonder, "how does water get to my house when I live tiny," your answers are here.

With tiny houses becoming more popular in today's world, you might be contemplating joining the tiny house movement yourself, or you might know someone who recently did. More people want to have less junk and have the right amount of square footage for them.

If you are wondering, "how does water get to my house if I choose to live in a tiny home?" then we are here to help answer that. Friendly reminder, though, it might seem obvious to some, it is not too many others. There are no dumb questions.

Keep reading to learn more about getting water into a tiny house.

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How Does Water Get to My House When It's a Tiny House on Wheels?

The answer to the question of the hour is more straightforward than you might realize, and you have options. You can choose the best option for you based on your preference, your budget, and where you live.

Water Tank

This is an excellent option for those that want to live more off-grid with their tiny house. You can install a tank that you fill manually and then use a water pump to circulate the water throughout the house. Keep in mind you will need an electric source in order for the water to circulate.

This tank will take up room, which means choose your space wisely. Underneath the tiny home might work if you have the room underneath. If not inside a closet or create an area inside the tiny house that has steps and conceal it under the steps.

Keep in mind that the smaller the tank, the more often you will have to fill it, and the larger the tank, the more space it will take.

RV Hookup

If you won't be moving your tiny home, you can connect directly to a water source like an RV hookup at a campground. Even if you plan on moving around, RV parks will have the connection available for you as long as they offer full-service hookups.

Because you never know how the water is going to be while you are traveling, you want to look into getting a filter from a reputable place like


You also have the option of doing both installing a tank and having an RV hookup—the most popular choice for tiny house builds. This is very much like most RV's come nowadays. This way, you have the option of switching between filling the tank or connecting directly to the source.

The best part about having the best of both worlds is that you can move around and live off-grid as you please. If you choose to hop around to different campgrounds, tiny home communities, or backyards where you can use the hookup, then you will have the option.

When you feel like being adventurous and going to no man's land, you will have that option as well. For us, our water tank was invaluable when we boondocked with our tiny house on BLM land.

The point is that having both will give you options and more freedom.

Excited About Tiny House Living?

With all the buzz around tiny house living and shows like Tiny House Nation, you are not the only one wondering, "how does water get to my house if I live in a tiny home?" Or, "how do I design one for efficient, comfortable living," and "where can I find secure parking?"

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