Keeping Your Tiny Home Clean – Even if You Have Pets

Tiny house living with pets requires extra cleaning. But for animal lovers, it's worth it. Tips for keeping your space tidy.

Living in a tiny home doesn't stop most people from having pets. However, you will have some extra cleaning to do.

Fortunately, keeping your tiny home clean won’t take a lot as you don’t have too much space to cover. But it may be needed more frequently.

If you have a busy schedule, that might make things a little trickier. But don’t worry, these tips are going to save you a lot of time and make cleaning efficient.

Keep reading to find helpful approaches to keep your tiny house clean if you have pets.


Use floor mats

Tiny house living space often extends into the outdoor. For your pets, this is no different. Outside is a play area, especially for dogs. Winnie, our dog, spends most of the day wandering around in the fenced yard where we are parked, or on our tiny home porch. As a result, grime, dirt, or even mud can collect on her paws and body.

When your dog comes indoors, you can rest assured all that dirt will end up in your home. It certainly happens to us.

To prevent your floors from becoming a depository for dirt, it is best to keep a floor mat or dog towel, or both, by the entrance. That way, when your dog eventually gets back from outdoor playtime, the mat will capture some of the yuck before it spreads all over your tiny house.

Train your pet

Training your pet how to behave around the house can go a long way in saving you cleaning time. Accidents become less frequent, and you will not need to clean up after them as much.

For instance, if you allow your dog to sit on the couch, you can train it to sit only on a particular part of it.

To avoid getting paw stains and hair on your sofa, you can put a throw blanket or towel for the dog to sit on. You will agree it is way easier to clean a towel than a sofa.

Of course, another reason to train your pet is to get it accustomed to going outside to do its thing. You might want to create a passage for the dog that won’t require your intervention at all times. Let me tell you, we now really wish we had a dog door.

Be organized

You should have a part of the tiny home dedicated to your pet, a sleeping area, feeding area, where it plays with its toys, etc. Though because of limited available space, some of these may need to be confined.

If possible, to keep everything that concerns your pet(s) in that same area, you won’t have to rearrange the house when it is time to feed. Cleaning any food spills will be consolidated.

Also, you could keep the toys and chewable in the same container and place it close to your pets bed or indoor cage, if it has one.

Keeping your pet paraphernalia in the same area of the house will also familiarize the pet to that region and confine any cleaning you might need to do.

Use a vacuum cleaner

Pets mean a daily need to clean your floors. Sweeping doesn't always get all the pesky animal hair, especially in hard to reach places. You can save time and struggle with a vacuum cleaner.

Compact, cordless vacuum cleaners are an excellent choice for a tiny home. Moreover, pet owners applaud these vacuums for how well they clean pet hairs off hard floors and carpets. They are also versatile; you can clean stairs (if you have them), upholstery, and even your pet’s bed!

An alternative approach is to use a robot vacuum. The best part is that it will clean your floors without your help! A robot help could save you significant time.

These vacuums are small, usually no taller than 4 inches, which makes them able to get into small spaces.

Though, this may be more ideal for a tiny home with ample open floor space, like a 10' wide layout. Also, a robot vacuum will successfully keep the floors in your tiny home clean if you don’t have a lot of stuff lying around.

You can read this ultimate guide to declutter your home if you need some expert guidance on that. Though it was written with a full-sized house in mind, its tips will help you create more available space in your tiny home.

Groom your pet often

It is a good idea to brush your pet often. This will help excess remove loose hair. If you do it too infrequently, it can quickly get out of hand, floating all over your tiny home. Keeping your pet fur in check helps you minimize cleaning time.

Another good reason to groom pets is to keep them nice and tidy. Moreover, the bonding regular grooming creates between you, and your pet cannot be underestimated. Our Winnie-girl loves a good brushing!

Deal with odors

As a pet owner, you know the smells they create. Unfortunately, it is easy for the owners to get used to it (nose-blind), but can be awkward if you have guests around.

             one of our favorites

The last thing you want is your tiny home smelling like your pet. In this case, a clean-looking tiny house is not enough.

One way to take care of pet odors is to invest in an excellent enzyme pet odor neutralizer. You could also go the DIY route by using white vinegar.

Simply fill a spray bottle with some white vinegar and spray a good amount of mist on the source areas of the smell. Leave it to dry and notice how much the smell has reduced. Follow-up with an aromatherapy mist to create a truly pleasant smelling space.

Use pet beds with removable cover

Pet beds with removable cover are much easier to clean. You only need to wash the covers. This approach also makes the bed last longer.

One great way to clean your pet bed cover is to use baking soda. Bicarbonate of soda is great for absorbing odors. It is also an anti-bacterial agent.

You just need to add a cup of it to your typical pet-bed cover washing solution and wash it as usual. When it gets dry, it will be fresh and free of odor.

In Conclusion

It is always a good feeling to come back to a clean home, and of course, an excited pet. It is great for your sanity, too, and your friends will have one less reason not to visit. If you follow these cleaning tips, you see how easy it is to keep your tiny home clean despite your pet.

Now you can spend more quality time playing together!

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