10 Essentials to Gourmet Cooking in a Tiny House Kitchen

Want to eat well in your tiny house? Here are the essential kitchen tools and space-saving tips to sacrifice nothing when it comes to your food's flavor.

Did you know that there are nearly 10 thousand tiny houses in America?

It's easy to understand why more and more people are opting for this type of housing, as it allows them to save money, reduce their ecological footprint, and enjoy a simpler life.

However, if you love preparing gourmet meals at home, the thought of having a tiny house kitchen might not be that appealing at first.

But don't give up on this idea just yet! Having a small kitchen doesn't mean you have to stop being the fantastic home chef that you are.

Don't believe us? Keep reading as we go over all the save-spacing tools you need!
  1. Hanging Rail

One of the main tricks to maximizing your tiny kitchen is to utilize your wall space.

We suggest that you put a hanging rail over your stove, with utensils like your wooden spoons, spatulas, a small strainer, and such.

Buying a magnetic knife rack to have on your wall is also a good idea. Keeping your knives always organized will be easier than ever!

  1. Hanging Dish Rack

Since we're on the topic of using your wall space, a hanging dish rack is also a useful item to add to your tiny kitchen.

Keep it practical by simply placing it over the sink.

If you don't have enough wall space, don't worry — an in-sink rack is an excellent alternative.

  1. Basket for Cabinet Doors

Getting a basket with hooks that you can place inside a cabinet will give you some convenient extra space in the cabinet itself. These come in all shapes and sizes.

We suggest that you use this type of basket to keep all your cooking oils, or other supplies, organized.

  1. Collapsible Measuring Spoons and Cups

It's not difficult to understand why collapsible measuring spoons and cups are useful items to have in a tiny kitchen.

Whenever you're done using them, make sure to group them together again, and you'll save plenty of drawer space.

  1. Slide-Out Trash Bins

This one will depend on how many cabinets you have in your kitchen.

But the chances are that you can organize your storage space in order to empty one cabinet, where you can put both the trash and recycling bins on a sliding pull-out.

Not only is this space-saving, but it also gives the whole kitchen a much cleaner look.


Here are three excellent examples of gourmet cooking capability in a tiny house:
  1. Square-Shaped Containers

If you're used to buying round containers, it's time to change that.

With square-shaped ones, you can better utilize the space in your fridge (as well as in your cupboards), as they stack up perfectly.

They come in all different sizes so that you can buy long ones for spaghetti, tiny ones for seeds, medium ones for oats. Trust us; you'll never go back to round containers!

  1. Paper Towel Holder

It might not seem like it'll make that big of a difference, but if you can get those paper towels off your kitchen counter, then why not?

There are two good options when it comes to paper towel holders: either on the underside of one of your cabinets or hanging on a wall.

  1. Vertical Dividers

We all have flat items in our kitchen, like cutting boards or baking trays.

This type of utensil can be tricky to store even in regular kitchens, but the solution is quite simple: vertical dividers.

You can buy these dividers or even DIY them using wood or metal cylinders.

  1. Magnetic Spice Container

If you love some exotic flavors in your dishes, you probably have dozens of little spice containers in the kitchen.

And let's face it, we've all left spice jars in random spots while were cooking and left them there until we needed them again.

A magnetic spice container will keep all containers easy to reach and to put back in the right spot. No excuses!

  1. Stemware Rack

A glass of wine after a long day of work is always great.

The space those glasses take up in a cabinet? Not so great.

Place a stemware rack under one of those cabinets, and this won't be a problem anymore.

Space-Saving Tips for a Tiny House Kitchen

Being extra smart about the kitchen appliances you buy is probably the best thing you can do to make the most of your tiny kitchen.

But there are even more helpful tricks you can learn, like the following:

  • Take time to plan how to use the space you have

Putting your ingredients and tools just anywhere will lead to nothing but a messy kitchen. This applies to any sized kitchen, but especially to the tiny ones.

So, make sure to have assigned spots for all the items and to organize those spots in a way that'll maximize the space you have.

  • Simplify your fridge

When you used to live in a regular home, you probably had a big fridge.

But the question is, did you need it? Or were you filling it with unnecessary things because, well, you had space to?

Reconsider what you do need in your fridge, as well as the foods that don't actually need refrigeration, and you might find that a smaller one is more than enough.

  • Use the separate storage space

Does your tiny house have separate storage space? If so, it's a good idea to do some seasonal organization.

Here's a simple example: during the winter, you'll likely make more soup, so a big pot and a hand blender are more necessary.

During the summer, you won't use those as much, so keep them in the storage space (may in a hard-to-reach back corner of one of your cabinets) and leave more space for other tools you might utilize more often when it's hot.

  • Don't focus too much on the size

We know, after giving you all these tips that focus on nothing but the dimensions of your tiny kitchen, this last tip feels a bit contradictory.

But fixating on your kitchen size too much will make you start to see it as restricting, and that's not what we want!

Things might not always work out, but that's why services like this repair company exist. Plus, what kitchen, whether it's tiny, giant, or so-so, is always perfect?

We love how our tiny house kitchen allows us to reach everything we need, with one simple spin or pivot. The small size actually feels more convenient for cooking management, especially when preparing multiple dishes.

Let's Get Cooking!

Living in a tiny house doesn't have to mean giving up any comfort you'd have in a regular home — more specifically, in an ordinary kitchen.

All you need to cook utterly delicious dishes in a tiny house kitchen are the right tools and space-saving tips. And now you know what they are! Design your space around your needs.

If you'd like to read more tips on how to maximize the benefits of living in a tiny house, keep exploring our blog. We have plenty of useful tips and tricks for you!

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