Winterizing Our Tiny House Water System – Surviving the Cold

At the beginning of October, we returned from a trip to Hawaii to find a frozen instant propane water heatereek! Time for emergency tiny house winterizing!

Fortunately, we were able to thaw it out just in time to move to a new backyard parking spot. There we did a fresh set-up of our tiny house utilities, including proper winterizing our water system in preparation for snowy eastern central Oregon.

A bit of silliness ensues because you can't take yourself too seriously when winterizing things like a pee house.

Watch the above video to see tips for surviving the winter in a tiny house on wheels.

Of note, we did install a French drain for our greywater run-off. Stay tuned for a future video about that! Additionally, did you know you can apply for a greywater permit in some states, like Oregon? This applies to reuse and disposal.

Learn more about the benefits of greywater here.

Our Tiny House Water System Winterizing Gear:

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