Woman Builds Tiny Home for Sustainable Affordable City Living

After graduating college, Sam built a 10' wide tiny house to live her ecologically sustainable values and do what she loves, unlucrative nonprofit work in insanely expensive Vancouver, British Columbia.

Her extra-wide tiny home showcases many green features, like salvaged wood, rainwater catchment, and a vermicomposting toilet

We love how everything in Sam's home on wheels has a story behind it, like a light fixture made from a tree branch from a friend's orchard. A home with rich character from her passions and those she cares about. Yet again, proving that a tiny house is like an intimate self-portrait of the owner.

When we met her a couple of years ago, Sam struggled to find a full-time parking spot in the Vancouver metro area due to NIMBY pushback. So like many others, she began looking further out, which would result in a difficult commute.

As a tiny house advocate and the BC Tiny House Collective cofounder, Sam and her colleagues seek to legalize and legitimize tiny houses in Metro Vancouver and across British Columbia, Canada. These areas are experiencing a worsening affordable housing and homelessness crisis. 

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