12 Minimalist Home Design Ideas For Your Next Tiny House Renovation

Accessible minimalist home design ideas to consider.

Minimalist home design and tiny houses are gaining popularity nowadays because of their simplicity and focus on function rather than form. Many people love this style because of the simplification it brings to their homes and their lives.

Minimalism in design is not about limiting decor but rather stylishly using simple and basic furniture while minimizing unuseful items that can create clutter.

If you want to implement this design style in your homes and incorporate minimalism into your daily lives, here are some minimalist home design ideas you might want to consider.
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Choose The Right Paint Colors For Your Walls

White is the most popular color used by Minimalist designers because of its ability to make any design feel more spacious. You can choose from various whites - creamy white, flat white, eggshell white, and so on. If you want more colors, use brighter neutral colors like a yellow and pale blue.

Utilize Blinds & Curtains for Your Minimalist Home Design

Curtains and blinds are generally used to control the amount of light that goes into a room. They can also add design to your home, but clunky, heavy, or flimsy-looking options could ruin your minimalist theme.

Browse options from companies like Blinds-N-Shutters that can provide the perfect balance of style and function to your tiny house windows. Significantly, blinds can also help you conserve energy because of their ability to insulate your home without obstructing sunlight. Another option to consider is tinting your windows for energy savings while also providing privacy and helping you maintain unobstructed views.

Create A Simple Bedroom Design

Simple doesn't have to mean plain or dull, and it means simple elegance that is achieved by simplicity. You can always look into light-colored furniture and interior design that makes your bedroom look clean and uncluttered, even if you only use one color as your dominant color.

The use of neutral colors like black, white, grey, and brown will make your bedroom feel more moody and minimal or sleek and bright. A pallet wood wall can maintain a neutral color palette while adding visually enticing texture.

minimalist home design

hanging lighting fixture with dimmer switch perfect for setting a mood

Additionally, don't shy away from a bold accent color that can create a minimal yet vibrant feel.

Find The Right Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of every home, whether the area is large or small. Tiny houses, in this case, benefit from proper lighting for function and for setting a homey feel. Minimalist design uses lighting extensively to make the design look serene. Use floor lamps, table lamps, wall lights, and chandeliers to achieve this effect.

Skylights can also go a long way in bringing in more natural light and glimpses of outdoor greenery.

Create A Simple Living Room Design

Perhaps, the most important place in your tiny home to implement the minimalist theme is your living room. The usual types of furniture used for this area are white couches, tables with clean lines, and simple designs. To make the living room feel more comfortable, use pillows and rugs to soften the look of your living room to avoid a utilitarian feel.

minimalist home design

side table with storage and USB ports & power outlets—multifunctional & decor perfection

Choose Basic Furniture Designs

Use furniture that can serve dual purposes. These types of furniture are ideal additions to a tiny house. A simple desk with a chair that can also be used as a dining table is the perfect example of this kind of design. A basic storage unit with doors can also provide great function and style at the same time—a clean & uncluttered look.

And again, the minimalist design uses bright and neutral colors to make a space look airy and welcoming. Combine bright and neutral colors for your furniture, and you'll be able to achieve this effect as well. You can also use glass and metal materials for your furniture to make them more light and modern.

Create A Simple Kitchen Design

Minimalism for the kitchen means straightforward function without any obstructions. Making less feel like more in your cooking area is all about keeping your surfaces free of unnecessary stuff by giving tools and countertop appliances a specific place inside cabinets. Use sleek and simple appliances, like a stovetop and fridge, to also achieve a clean appearance.

Choose white or pastel colors for your walls, so it feels more relaxing, especially if you plan to add a lot of natural lighting. You could also use open shelves instead of cabinets to make things easier to find and for the kitchen to look bigger. But overloading shelving can make your space feel cluttered, so focus on displaying your attractive foodstuffs and dishware—stow away everything else, including unattractive but necessary items.

Use Minimalist Decorations For Your Home

Incorporate natural elements for your decorations, such as wood, ferns, dried flowers, and stones. Use these materials sparingly because too much of them can be, well, too much. You don't want to make your design look too cluttered. Additionally, look for decor options that can also add function.

Use A Minimalist Flooring Scheme

minimalist home design

slim profile bathroom storage cabinet

Choose durable flooring that is easy to clean and maintain. Hardwood floors and polished tiles can both be excellent choices. If you want something durable but less expensive (and lighter weight), consider waterproof laminate flooring.

Create A Functional But Simple Bathroom Design

Minimalist design requires clean lines and surfaces, so the bathroom feels spacious even if it is small. Opt for low-profile cabinets over only open shelving. Use glass tiles for their transparency that would create an illusion of space. Also, choose simple white fixtures that are not too ornate to give your bath area a minimalist look.

Create A Good Indoor And Outdoor Flow

Good flow is essential for a minimalist home design because it would make the entire house feel connected. Use open spaces to allow this kind of flow. You can also use window walls and sliding doors that open up to a deck to create an open flowy, modern look and feel.

On a practical note, opening windows that can provide a cross-breeze from front to back and side to side create healthy air circulation, as well as intimacy with your outdoor surroundings.

minimalist home design

Privacy screens are perfect for tiny home community lots.

Choose Clean And Simple Fences or Privacy Screens For Your Tiny Home Lot

A clean and simple fence design would complement your minimalist home design. You can choose wood or vinyl fences usually painted in white for a more modern touch. You can also use metal fences or a mix of metal & wood to make your design look more contemporary.

Minimalist Home Design Conclusion

Minimalist home design is about function and simplicity. To achieve this style, you must carefully plan your layout and keep it simple, clean, and functional. Once you've done this, add the right decor to unify your design and make it look more stylish and homey. Small spaces really benefit from keeping the design simple, which is key to creating a sense of spaciousness and orderliness.

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