Buckwheat Pillow & 17 Other Space-Saving Bedroom Solutions

Space-saving bedroom solutions even if your house isn't tiny.

As you might have expected, if you're planning on saving space in your bedroom, it's going to require a lot more than just throwing things around and hoping for the best.

Every bedroom has its own personality, which comes from the person who uses it. With that in mind, you should start by taking a careful inventory of what you intend to put in your bedroom and determine whether or not you'll use the stuff or not. 

You'll be surprised to learn how many things you've been keeping in the house that you barely need and more don't fit your ideal bedroom design plan. 

Let's assume for a minute that you are just looking at coming up with ideas that will best utilize your bedroom space while leaving you with plenty of breathing space and a breathtaking aesthetic.

We'll try to touch on a wide range of space-saving bedroom solutions & tips for small or large homes to help you decide which to incorporate as you create or redesign your bedroom. 
use tiny home design as inspiration for space-saving bedroom solutions - click to watch tour!

1) Pillow! Pillow! Pillow! A Buckwheat Pillow 

You didn't see this one coming, did you? But yes, your pillow choice is one of the first and simplest things you can upgrade if you want to save as much space as you can.  

Space-Saving Bedroom SolutionsIf you're hearing about this type of pillow for the first time, buckwheat or sobakawa (' soba' for some) pillow is a type of pillow that's made from the hulls of buckwheat seeds. A buckwheat pillow is a traditional Japanese pillow that provides support for almost any type of sleeper there is. This is mainly because it follows the shape of the sleeper's head, neck, or basically anything that's placed upon it. Unlike some pillows, this gives it an unmatched ability to provide comfort and support in a various range of postures. 

How does this concern saving space in your bedroom because it's all you're worried about right now? Well, it has everything to do with space-saving, actually! That's because a buckwheat pillow is one of the most versatile pillows on the market. 

Because it's adjustable, you can buy one pillow and go on to use it for many uses so that your room isn't scattered with many different pillows, each for different purposes. You can use a buckwheat pillow as a support for your back while you're working on your computer if you need that kind of support. All you need most times to change your buckwheat pillow's use is to adjust the buckwheat hulls inside it to fit its current use.  

Watch this video to learn more about buckwheat pillows: America's Finest Buckwheat Pillow | The Best Sobakawa Buckwheat Hulls Pillow by PineTales®.

2) Use Skinny Hangers

Bulky clothing and standard plastic or wooden hangers really eat up closet space. Take a cue from tiny homes and use skinny hangers to maximize your closet space!

3) Have Shelves Installed Along the Perimeter Of your Bedroom Walls

Sometimes, there is important stuff you can't just throw away, which has to stay in the bedroom. If that's the case, then you don't need to worry. All you'll need to do is to find someone to help you fit shelves along the perimeter of your bedroom walls. You can even do this yourself if you're confident in your basic carpentry skills. 

You'll be amazed at how much storage space you'll be able to create this way, as the few inches close to the ceiling are barely used at all in any room. Creating storage in this space will help you give your bedroom a cleaner look!

4) Throw That Shoe Rack Away and Use Crown Molding

Ever heard of crown molding? It's going to be your best friend, especially if your shoe collection has a significant proportion of heels in it. 

Crown moldings work will support your shoes against walls. You won't even have to worry about adding too many things to the walls and crowding it. Crown moldings are unobtrusive, so all the attention will be on your beautiful showcase of shoes! 

5) Buy A Headboard That Has Storage

Your headboard doesn't need to be merely an aesthetic piece! If you're noticing that the bed is occupying more space and leaving you with little room for much else, you can take that as an opportunity to use your bed as storage. 

There are great headboard designs that incorporate storage as an element of the headboard, and you're best choosing one of those for your bedroom. That way, you get to keep both the bed you love and other things in the same bedroom without connecting the place up. 

6) Hang Your Laundry Bag Behind the Door

Now that you've found a place for most of your stuff, where do the dirty clothes go? The plan is still to keep as much stuff off the floor as possible and save floor space for stuff that absolutely can't go anywhere else. 

With this in mind, it might be a good idea to take your laundry bag and hang it behind your bedroom door instead of leaving it lying on the floor. 

7) Buy A Bed Frame That Has Drawers

Remember that idea about buying a headboard with storage space? It turns out you can use the same trick with the bed itself. Your bed's frame can have drawers that can help you avoid you littering your floor with unnecessary closets or storage pieces. 

There are many options on the market on how many drawers or how much storage space your bed frame can have. Scout the market and find something that will serve you best. 

Space-Saving Bedroom Solutions

8) Get A Loft Bed

Here's one from the tiny home-world: a loft bed is a great idea to save as much space as possible in your bedroom by maximizing the use of your vertical space. 

A loft bed is a viable choice for you if you think you can handle climbing in and out of it. You can use the space beneath it either as vanity or as office space. Plus, it can help you make a pretty small place look bigger due to all the free space it leaves.  

9) Use Old Suitcases as Design Pieces

When all else fails, and you just can't close off some of your suitcases in a place or another, you could resort to incorporating them into your room's design. 

You can stack your suitcases on top of each other to create a nightstand beside your bed. This will even work better if the suitcases are older. The vintage look will make it look intentional and less of a storage plan. 

Space-Saving Bedroom Solutions

10) Hook Yourself Up with a Foldable Desk

This is one piece that will come in handy for a person who has essential and consistent uses for a desk yet has no space for it in their room. A desk just eats up too much space, and all the hard work to save space disappears in a minute! It doesn't need to. 

A foldable desk is a desk in all the usual ways except that you can fold it back into the wall if you're not using it, and it practically disappears. It sounds like magic, but it isn't. It just involves great engineering and design that you will probably be thankful for! Some will even come with some storage space for stuff that you regularly use in your mini foldable office.

11) Install A Rack Specifically for Your Pants

Without their own rack, your pants have the potential to occupy a huge chunk of your closet space, and that will leave you to deal with what to do with all the excess clothes that can't fit into your cabinet.

Consider installing and designating a rack for all your pants to go. This way, you'll avoid creases while also avoiding hangers and creating more space. 

If you can't get a carpenter to help you install one of these, the next best thing would be to get a pant rack hanger. The basic idea is still the same: they won't be too easy to access while you're dressing in a hurry. 

12) Use Drawer Organizers to Maximize Drawer Space

Space-Saving Bedroom SolutionsHaving a lot of drawers on furniture in your bedroom might not, in itself, solve your problems. A big drawer, without proper planning, can end up storing a lot below its potential or capacity. 

This is where drawer organizers come in. A drawer organizer will help you maximize your drawer space, and you might be surprised to notice that you don't really need new storage space. You just haven't been utilizing the one you have well! 

13) Use Canvas Totes to Store Any Clothes That Can't Fit in Your Closet or Off-Season Items (or Downsize 😉

If you still have extra clothes lying around after you've done your best in being creative with storage space in your closets, then it might be time to pull out the canvas tote bag. 

They are perfect for several reasons, some of which are the fact that they are malleable and, as such, can be made to fit under the bed or behind any other piece of furniture you might have in your bedroom.  

14) Install A Clothes Rack in One of The Corners 

One of the things that can easily swallow up space in your bedroom, aside from the bed, is the wardrobe or closet. 

However, the good thing is you can do without this piece of furniture by replacing it with a clothes rack. If you already have a shelf that you're using to store something else, you can just turn the underside of that shelf into a rack, and you'll have saved tremendous amounts of space by that one act.

15) Cover Your Shelves with Mirrors

Space-Saving Bedroom SolutionsYou've probably heard that mirrors make your room look bigger, and it's true. So, by installing shelves, then go on to install mirrors that cover the shelves, you're really not only making your room look less busy and clattered, but you are also making your room looking a lot bigger than it really is. 

Add mirrors to behind the shelf or on top of it. Or you can also find a mirror with a shelf attached.

16) Use Multiple Function Furniture

When buying furniture for your bedroom, it's best to use the same principle recommended for choosing a buckwheat pillow: prioritize multiple functions. 

Avoid furniture that serves only one function if there is a chance it can be designed to do more than one job. You can choose a vanity table that can also work as a nightstand and a desk when you need one. All you'll have to do is change the use of the piece of furniture depending on what you want it to be at the time. 

One way or another, you will need a trash can in your bedroom, but if you plan your things well, it won't need to occupy additional floor space. You can use a tilting cabinet that may also serve as a make-up area or some other function you regularly need. 

Space-Saving Bedroom SolutionsYou'll need somewhere to sit, and that piece of furniture will occupy quite some space, give you already have space issues. How about you get a stool that has storage space so that it's not really using space that could have been used for storage but instead offering both sitting area and storage at the same time! You can even get a stool, ottoman, bench that doubles as storage while you're at it. 

Besides saving you space, this trick works well as a money saver as well. 


Creativity is one key thing when designing or redesigning your bedroom to save space. The tips given in this article do not even exhaust all the ways you can create space-saving solutions. We're just trying to get your creative juices moving

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