Design Tips for a Tiny House: Make Size Work in Your Favor

Does size matter when it comes to homes?

The answer actually depends on what your requirements are really. Sometimes, a small home is all you need, as long as you design it right.

To design your small house in the best possible way, take a look at some of these tips which are exclusively chosen to bring out the best from even the tiniest of homes.

Large Windows & Small Homes: Made for Each Other

It may seem counterintuitive at first that we are suggesting a large window installation for small houses. They can work wonders for making the living space feel more open and airy.

Choose between a vast range of designs in vinyl, obscure glass, wood clad, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum windows, but we recommend setting up a consultation about your options and dimensional restrictions with a new window installation/window replacement company.

However, before you do that, don’t forget to take a look at the following points first.
  • Large windows will make your rooms look and feel larger; it’s a beautiful illusion
  • The larger the window installation is, the more natural light can get through
  • Natural light has a scientifically proven, positive effect on the human body and mind
  • Even the most shaded property will feel illuminated with the strategic placement of a few floor-to-ceiling windows
  • You will likely save money by never having to turn on the lights during daytime
  • If you live in one of the colder states, you will come to appreciate the passive solar heating
  • Those worried about insulation should opt for double glazed glass; heat exchange will simply cease to occur

Make that Natural Light Reflect Off the Walls

When it comes to windows in a small space, the merrier. Though, the idea is to not just let the light in, but also to effectively reflect it from the walls.

  • Shades of white, beige and cream work exceptionally well
  • Sky blue and very light green can add more color to your walls while reflecting the sunlight simultaneously
  • If the desired window replacement options are not there in a certain room, place a large mirror opposite to the present/installed window
  • The use of glass on the inner walls in decorative art reflects and gives shape to the light

Dark Art: The Non-Magical Kind!

A beautiful home feels incomplete without a few of your favorite pieces hanging off the walls, and since the theme here is luminescence, a sophisticated piece in dark colors will stand in perfectly beautiful contrast.

Do keep in mind that by dark, we don’t mean the theme, but the color palettes used by the artist, because The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli will do very little to make your tiny home feel cozy, as dark and brilliant as it may be!

Additionally, you could also opt for an oversized piece in your living room, but make sure it’s a piece you really like and is worthy of the attention.

Choose Your Furniture Carefully

Now, we come to the trickiest part, critical choices that can easily go wrong. Unlike the windows and the art, the furniture should match the size of your home in perfect unison.

The reason why we are taking a different strategy here has to do with the fact that unlike the windows and wall art, furniture consumes space.

If you are not picky about what you buy, it is quite likely that you will end up cramping your small space with stuff that just doesn’t look like it belongs there. Most importantly, awkwardly large furniture can make your living area feel uncomfortable.

A few essential tips to keep in mind are as follows.

  • A minimalistic design language is recommended while choosing furniture for a small space
  • Dual function furniture pieces will give you more functionality than the limited size of your rooms would otherwise allow
  • Modularity is a welcome addition
  • Bigger pieces should be in a lighter shade, but not the same as the walls around them
  • Smaller pieces should be in darker shades to make the contrast work for you, without letting the overall spacious and bright nature of the design get affected
  • Don’t let any furniture touch the walls of any room; in fact, keep a hefty gap in between the wall and your furniture

For an in-depth look at small space furniture options, check out our guest post on The Wayward Home.

Also, we share more tiny home design ideas, visit our blog.

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