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Found Mold in Your Tiny House? Here’s What To Do

Mold in your tiny house?!

Have you ever thought about what life would be like living in a tiny house? Today, more people are downsizing and switching to tiny house living as it's more eco-friendly and requires fewer resources. That said, building a small house that provides the same essentials and air quality maintenance as a regular home can be quite challenging.

One problem that some owners of tiny houses struggle with is mold. In this post, we'll cover what causes mold problems in smaller homes and how you can get rid of it effectively.
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What Causes Mold?

Mold and mildew are tricky to beat because they only need a damp and moist environment to thrive. Since a home is made up of numerous organic materials, mold has no problem staying and eating away from your foundation if you let it.

Normally, you would need a mold remediation service to get rid of the problem once and for all. However, it's best to try and prevent fungi from spreading in the first place. Mold spores thrive on moisture, so any damp surfaces are a prime target.

The spores tend to start growing at lower levels of your home and eventually work their way up as the warm air rises. Although a little bit of mold may not appear harmful, it can quickly become a threat to your home's structure and your physical health if left untreated.

Proper Tiny Houses Insulation is Crucial

One of the best ways to fight mold is to properly insulate your home. Tiny houses can be tricky to insulate since they are often built on metal trailers. A quick and easy solution to this problem is to invest in a compact dehumidifier to help get rid of the excess moisture in the air.

It's also vital that you make sure all the windows and doors fit perfectly before constructing your tiny home. While it may seem like an exhilarating DIY project to build your home on your own, it doesn't hurt to consult with a professional builder about insulation issues beforehand or look up online tutorials.

Floor Drains Are Your Greatest Ally

As you can see from the information above, too much water is bound to cause mold spores to spread. Your washing machine can be the catalyst that causes the spores to invade your dwelling, so you need to pay close attention to that area.

For starters, you need to ensure you locate your washing machine near a floor drain. If you don't have one, install one right away as it can save your home. Without a floor drain, any leak or burst pipe would cause a serious concern for mold to spread throughout your house.

You can also use an overflow pan placed under the washing machine to capture some of the excess water.

Use Fans To Protect the Bathroom

Since bathrooms in tiny houses tend to be compact, they can quickly build up water and cause a mold outbreak that can reach the rest of your dwelling. Bathroom fans do an excellent job of removing fog and moisture before it condenses and creates fungal spores.

Condensation penetrates the materials in your walls and floor, which allows the spores to build their new home. If you can remove the condensation problem, you'll prevent the fungi from growing in the first place.

Mold-Proof Your Tiny House

No doubt, tiny houses are on the rise and come with a wide range of benefits. From protecting the environment to helping you achieve a more minimalist lifestyle, many people see tiny houses as the future.

But, like any home, you have to do your part to protect it. Keeping it free of mold will ensure your home lasts as long as you need it!

Read this article for guidance on tiny house moisture issues.

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