Organizing Small Spaces: How to Store Things in a Tiny Home

If you live in a smaller house, it is important to store things the right way. Check out this guide for storing and organizing small spaces.

Tiny homes have been springing up across the nation. They have been looked at solving housing problems in large cities as well as improving financial situations, as they are cheaper to build and maintain.

Also, the concept of "quality over quantity" is genuinely resonating with more and more people.

Regardless of why you might decide to downsize, you need to think about where you are going to store the things you want to keep in your home.

Here are some tips and tricks for organizing small spaces.

Organizing Small Spaces

One of the easiest ways to organize a small space is to declutter and eliminate those things that you no longer need or no longer bring you joy. The process of minimalizing will allow you to evaluate and then organize the items you need.

Some Rules for Small Space Organizing

In small spaces, there are four things that you need to take into consideration.

First, whatever action you take should create more space, so plan wisely if you are building or modifying an existing structure.

Second, work to keep like items together and close to the place where they are most often used. Third, don't limit yourself. One creative idea is to create wall art out your jewelry collection. Another one is to use your storage loft as a closet for off-season clothes, freeing up downstairs storage for items you'll wear the most.

Finally, label as much as you can. Once you place an item in a bin or deep drawer, you want to be able to remember where you put it. Try cute chalk tags.

Consider Unused Vertical Space

Most houses and garages have wasted space close to the ceiling. Can you take cabinets to the ceiling?

You might want to install shelving units to add to available space, without sacrificing floor space. Don't limit yourself to large storage bins; you can use beautiful storage baskets to store items.

Have you considered hanging things from ceilings? In garages, it is is easy to hang bicycles from the ceiling to save space. You can do the same in the kitchen by hanging pots and pans from the ceiling as well.

Explore Your Home for Unique Unused Space

Kitchens are great places to find extra places to store items. Often you can install a cabinet rack in the space between the refrigerator and the cabinets. If space is big enough, you could also store brooms and mops.

You can purchase spice racks that are of different levels. This allows you to save on valuable shelf space.

Shoes can be stored on the back of doors. Staircases can be modified to allow storage space under the steps. You can also build closets under them as well.

Inset set shelves in bathrooms take up no floor space, but allow for extra space for much-needed toiletries.

Consider Using Off-Site Storage

If you camp or play sports, such as football, consider storage tips such as storing equipment off-site outside of season.

You can do the same thing with seasonal clothes and decorations. Keep in mind, this option allows you to have more space in your home but comes at a price.

If you choose this option, keep everything labeled

Look for Furniture with Built-in Storage

Sofas and ottomans today often have storage built into them. These make great places to store games, throw blankets, or even shoes.

Some Murphy beds also have additional storage and usable space built into them, like a fold-up desk area.

Lift Up Your Bed

Murphy beds have been around for a long time, and they fold up flat against the wall. You can actually buy risers for your bed to raise it, opening up storage underneath.

If you have kids, loft beds can be a great solution. They can sleep on top and have room for desks and other furniture underneath. Bunk beds are also good solutions for some situations.

Store Things in Suitcases

If you travel regularly, you'll need to store suitcases. These can take up the entire closet or decent portion of a storage loft. You can store suitcases inside of themselves, much like a nesting doll.

Another option would be to store things that you don't regularly need in them. This can be a perfect place for extra blankets and sheets.

Optimize the Use of Your Outside Storage Space

If you have an outdoor living space, consider using some of it for storage. Outdoor seat cushions can be stored in a box on the deck.

If you garden, consider taking unused pots and stacking them. Then take a large pot, flip it over and use it as a side table.

There is vertical space that can be used outside as well. You can mount a kayak on a fence. The same is true for flowering plants it saves space and breaks up the monotony of the fence line.

A small shed can hold all tools, as well as camping equipment without taking up space in your tiny home. You can also hang pegboards to store gardening tools.

There are many options to optimize your storage in a small space. You are only limited by your imagination.

Are You Ready to Go Tiny?

Now that you have a better understand everything about organizing small spaces, would you consider living in a small or tiny house?

The tiny house movement is expanding, and we at Tiny House Expedition hope to inspire the conversation around the benefits of living small.


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