Her $25k Tiny House and Outdoor Paradise

Meet Danielle, a DIY builder who built an enchanting $25k tiny house using 70% repurposed materials. She’s been living in it for almost seven years. During that time, it’s given her much freedom financially and for personal growth. Danielle now spends more time doing what makes her happy—exploring nature, crafting, and creating a magical outdoor…

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Couple Built an Impressive Custom Tiny House

Meet Callie and Nathan, Cranmore Meadows founders who built a truly impressive custom tiny house name Polaris. They dreamed about it for years, but when Nathan got laid off in 2015, they saw it as an opportunity to kickstart the build. It took two years, in part because they paid for it as they went.…

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Skateboarder’s Handcrafted Tiny Home & Mobile Sauna

Handcrafted Tiny Home

From skateboarding to architecture studies, a passion for creative craftsman arose! Meet Jeremy Tuffli, a talented builder and skateboarder. He handcrafted a whimsical truck camper for nomadic living and later an exceptional curved roof tiny house and mobile sauna. Not surprisingly, his early design inspiration came from Lloyd Khan’s books, like Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter…

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Couple Builds Light & Airy $35k Tiny House

$35k tiny house

What does a $35k tiny house look like? And how do you acheive that? Meet Sara and Joel and their clever, beautifully efficient 26-ft self-built tiny home on wheels. Over two years of weekends, they built their tiny house with an incredible DIY Murphy bed for just $35,000. Importantly, this huge costs savings is a…

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Off-Grid Tiny House Homestead for Wild Adventures

off grid tiny house homestead

Meet Clara and Edwin. They live on an off-grid tiny house homestead in their gorgeous self-built tiny home on wheels. It’s a dream come true for this tough young couple who love being outdoors for wild adventures, like rock climbing and bungee jumping. Their tiny journey began with a desire to live in the woods…

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Family’s $25k Starter House to Airbnb Tiny Home

From a flexible starter home to Airbnb tiny house, Katie and David’s story shows how a THOW can contribute to a fulfilling lifestyle and help achieve financial goals even after moving out. For two and a half years, they lived comfortably in it with two dogs and their firstborn. Once baby #2 was on the…

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