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World’s Best Bundle for Planning, Building, and Living Tiny is Now Available

Do you dream of living the tiny house lifestyle? Want to build a tiny, reduce your monthly expenses, and finally own your own home?

With all the craziness happening in the world today, you may be feeling even more motivated to pursue your tiny living goals. The 2021 Tiny House Bundle might just be what you need to help you achieve your debt-free and simple living dreams.

It's a collection of 28 Tiny House Plans, eBooks, and Courses worth $1,250, available for the next five days for just $49.

With the Tiny House Bundle, you get an unbelievable discount on numerous high-quality tiny house products, but it lasts 5 days total, with no exceptions. To be exact, the tiny house bundle ends on April 10, 2021, at noon EST. No exceptions.

Let's dig into what's included!

Here's the complete breakdown of what's included in the 2021 edition of the Tiny House Bundle:


  • How To Build a Tiny House Video Series by Andrew Morrison
  • tiny house bundle saleLegally Living Tiny Webinar by Latch Collective
  • The Ultimate Downsizing Starter Kit by Chris and Melody DiCroce
  • Right-Size Your Kitchen by Carmen Schenk
  • 1 Year Tiny Home Industry Association Membership

Tiny House Plans:

  • Hikari Box by Derin Williams, Shelterwise
  • The Den Classic Tiny House by Den Outdoors
  • Gaia Container House Plans by Joshua Woodsman
  • Tiny House Construction Plans by Tiny Project
  • Stuga Plans by Shawn Dehner / DYGS
  • 24’ hOMe Digital Plans by TinyHousePlans.com


  • 12 issues Tiny House Magazine by Kent Griswold
  • Tiny House Decisions Guide v2 by Ethan Waldman
  • Tiny House Design Exercise by Kenton Zerbin
  • Tiny House Trailer Guidebook by Latch Collective
  • Life in a Tiny House eBook by Billy Ulmer, PAD
  • Photo eBook for Vina’s Tiny House by Vina Lustado

Altogether, that’s over $1250 worth of tiny house courses, ebooks, and plans… and you get them all for only $49!

But this all goes away in just a few days. Get your 2021 Tiny House Bundle here!


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