Gardening Ideas For Traveling Tiny Home Dwellers: Allotment Greenhouse & More

Semi-nomadic or traveling tiny home dwellers can enjoy gardening! We share 3 ideas for movable gardens.

If you love the idea of a minimalist lifestyle, the prospect of becoming a traveling tiny home dweller will be an exciting one. You have the opportunity to travel in your living space, so life becomes an adventure. There are few restrictions on location, and you can explore the joy and freedom of mobility. The best part is that you can do everything that any homeowner can, but with mobile living space's flexibility.

Even traveling tiny home dwellers that are gardening enthusiasts can plant their favorites without much work and investment.

Whether you rarely relocate or are fully nomadic, here are some smart gardening ideas that you can try.

Escalante Village uses container gardens on wheels that can be easily moved to accommodate tiny houses, as move-in or leave.

Create a Vertical Garden

traveling tiny home dwellers vertical garden

Perhaps the most ideal garden for traveling tiny home dwellers

For the tiny homeowners who want an in-house green space, the idea of a vertical garden is a good one.  You will probably not have much in the name of floor space, but it is easy to use the wall space to design a tiny house's vertical garden. You can do some research to find out more about the plants that do well in vertical spaces. Bromeliads, begonias, ivies, hostas, Rosary Vine, and tillandsias are some apt choices.

You can even attach a trellis to the home’s exterior and cultivate pole vegetables, such as peas, cucumber, kiwis, grapes, and green beans. Some flowers are also great at climbing up, so you can choose them for adding color to the exterior of your house.

Just keep in mind if you're a traveling tiny home dweller that any outside trellis is less likely to be movable. Though, combined with a container garden, successful relocation is more of a possibility!

Prioritize Container Gardening

Containers make the best friends of traveling tiny home dwellers as they are good for a pick-and-move lifestyle. Many plants and herbs thrive in containers, so you need not worry about uprooting them when deciding to move your place. You can even plant shrubs in movable containers if you have a bigger garden in mind. Small pots made with lightweight materials are ideal because they easily fit in tiny spaces and you need not carry heavy loads. You can place small ones on the windowsills to add a cozy vibe to your place or even hang them from the ceiling by placing hooks around the home.

See how two tiny house nomads garden wherever they go!

Consider the Idea of Allotment Gardening

If you are more serious about planting your food, allotment gardening is a good idea. You may stay in a tiny home but can start cultivating on a community plot. You can even invest in an allotment greenhouse to protect your plants from the unpredictable weather. It is easy to pick one as swgreenhouses have a greenhouse for your allotment in different sizes and materials. The ones made in aluminum are a good option because they are lightweight, easy to set up, and affordable.

Allotment gardening in a greenhouse best suits semi-nomadic tiny dwellers that plan to stay put for a longer period. But when you're ready to try out a new parking spot, just load it up in your truck!

However, traveling tiny home dwellers can use a small indoor greenhouse.

Mobile Gardening for Traveling Tiny Home Dwellers

Living in a tiny house has many upsides, but gardening lovers often feel apprehensive when considering a travelling tiny home.

Now that you know more about these ideas, you can go ahead and plant your dream garden even as you live minimally in a mobile tiny space. It is as simple as being creative and consistent with your efforts.

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