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Why a Small Barndominium May Be the Perfect Tiny Home Option for You

The more tiny and small home options the better!

Tiny homes and barndominiums are two home design trends that have been all the rage lately. While these trendy types of homes seem like they are exact opposites, they actually have a lot in common. These housing trends are both cheaper than traditional new construction, which is essential in the ever-inflating housing market, and they both allow for a simpler lifestyle that many people are craving after working from home for over a year.

This article will review some reasons why combining these two trends to create a small barndominium could be the perfect home option for you! 

small Barndominium

What’s A Barndominium?

The term ‘barndominium’ is a portmanteau of the words “barn” and “condominium.” They traditionally include a workspace, such as a barn or a garage, with a living space attached or directly above the workspace. This type of home is appealing as it is simple and highly customizable to fit your lifestyle and needs. 

Many modern barndominium designs often feature large living areas with impressively tall ceilings, expansive outdoor living spaces, and barn-inspired styling throughout. This may sound at odds with the mantra of tiny houses, but there is actually a world of overlap between the two. Using the same construction methods, it is possible to construct small barndominiums below the 400 square-foot maximum of a tiny home. This allows you to keep the charm of a barndominium while also enjoying the minimalist lifestyle that a tiny home provides. 

Small Barndominiums are Cost-Effective

Amidst the ever-inflating housing market, finding affordable housing often requires a little bit of creativity. The size of a small barndominium lends to its cost-effectiveness, as there is less material required in construction as compared to a traditional home. Barndominiums are often constructed from durable materials, such as steel siding, that will last a long time with little maintenance. So, the cost to build a small barndominium will be worthwhile long-term.

small BarndominiumMany small barndominiums come in a kit, giving you the option to construct the home yourself. Even if you hire a professional to construct your small barndominium for you, the simplicity of a kit will allow you to cut down on labor costs. 

The freedom to design a home that perfectly suits you and your family, while tailoring it to fit your budget is a very desirable feature of tiny homes and barndominiums alike. The customizable nature of small barndominiums will allow you to alter the design to fit within your budget, while still creating your dream tiny home. 

You Can Easily Maximize (and Customize) Your Space

Barndominiums often feature a simple layout that gives you the freedom to design the space to fit your lifestyle. Tiny homes feature creative ways to maximize your living space. These are some ways that tiny homes and small barndominiums can maximize your space: 

  • Rather than having large open areas like a typical barndominium, you can build vertically and include a lofted sleeping area to promote space efficiency. 
  • Versatile and movable furniture allows you to quickly and easily convert a space, such as a murphy bed that folds into the wall, or tables and other furniture with wheels that can be easily moved around. Opting for multi-purpose furniture allows you to transform your space as desired. 

You can also design your small barndominium to make the space feel more open. This can be done by choosing light wall paint and decor colors and having windows that let in plenty of natural light. 

Barndominium builders have always embraced custom designs, so consider partnering with a builder to create a small barndominium that suits your daily life. 

They Are Perfect For a Simple Lifestyle 

Tiny homes are the perfect choice for a simple lifestyle. They reflect the ever-growing popularity of minimalism that is being embraced by millennials and retirees alike. They are often mobile and allow for a nomadic lifestyle, their limited space often requires you to live with only the essentials, and they also promote an eco-friendly lifestyle with a much smaller footprint on the environment than a traditional home. 

small Barndominium

Barndominiums were created to give their residents the ability to work and live in the same building, promoting a simpler way of life. They often have expansive patios that highlight the outdoor spaces surrounding them. So, both barndominiums and tiny homes are perfect for individuals who want to spend more time outdoors, and a small barndominium could also make traveling easier, as it may use lighter materials than an all-wood tiny home. Combining the minimalist features of a tiny home with the rustic feel of a barndominium creates the perfect home to simplify your life! 

Small Barndominiums Are a Great Choice

Small barndominiums are the perfect combination of two innovative and unique home designs. If you’ve been wanting to change up your lifestyle, and go a different route in life, then a small barndominium could be the perfect tiny home design to serve you along your journey!

Guest Post by Matt Lee

Matt Lee is the owner of the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.

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