Family’s Amazing School Bus Tiny Home Conversion – Best Layout Ever!

Is this the best skoolie tiny home?!

The Backroads or Bust family of 6 converted a school bus into an amazingly comfortable, functional, and beautiful tiny home.

It's quite possibly the best skoolie layout out there. We're biased, though, because it's definitely one of our all-time favorite school bus conversions.

It's one of the few tiny homes we've seen that eliminates the hallway look and feel.

The decor is cohesive throughout, but rooms are distinct spaces. We especially appreciate the level of privacy between the master bedroom and the kids' bunkroom, which they managed to do, while not skimping on storage or play space.

Every detail of this bus has been handcrafted and thoughtfully put together. If you can see it, wife/mother, Shyla did it, and if you can't see it, husband/father, Jonathan did it (all the electrical & solar systems, etc.).

Together they bravely live life on their own terms, embracing freedom from limiting social norms. 

“Walk on your own yellow brick road. If you can’t find one, spray paint your way into happiness. If that doesn’t work, buy yellow shoes.”

― Sadiqua Hamdan, Happy Am I. Holy Am I. Healthy Am I.

Their two youngest are homeschooled/"roadschooled," with enhanced learning through first-hand experiences at museums and nature throughout the country.  

For them, home is where they park it.

They exclusively boondock during their nomadic travels, while maintaining a home base on their land in Kansas City, where the two oldest go to high school.

Fortunately, they can finance their travels as digital nomads. Jonathan started a web design business.

While Shyla, focusing on schooling the kids, creative outlets, and inspiring others to make brave choices. Follow her on Instagram and their bus adventures: @the_long_road_to_sanity and @backroadsorbust

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Hi y'all! I'm Shyla. Thanks for coming to this fancy new account to find out what goes on in this weird ass brain of mine!! Here's a little intro for those of you that dont know much about me, or that follow @backroadsorbust but have no idea who the chick behind it is 😂 I am a full time #skoolie dwelling mother of 4. I live full time in our #homeonwheels, Dorothy, with my husband and my youngest two kiddos. My older two travel with us occasionally but stay back in our "home base" city to be with their friends and stay in their school there. We circle back to spend time with them often. I am also a fulltime hippie✌🧡🌎 As if the bus didnt make that clear😂 I'm super into living as naturally and freely as possible while also maintaining a balance of sanity. I am a tiny bit of a health nut(my daughter would roll her eyes there) but only because I want to be hiking trails, driving backroads and seeing sights when I'm 90 or better. I despise the media, government overreach and many of the tenets of our society. Strangely, I do enjoy social media and the ability to connect with so many different people. Double edged sword 🤷‍♀️ I have many many passions and goals which I intend to manifest into reality. Step one of that process is creating a tribe of people to share support and inspiration with. My favorite things are to inspire others and to be inspired! I look forward to connecting with as many of you as possible through sharing myself in a way I have never felt comfortable before on social media. So if you feel connected, introduce yourselves below! Tell me a fact about yourself that may seem silly or that not many people know. Here's mine- I am addicted to Ted talk videos😬 Also, I use the word "also" excessively😅🙈 #tedtalksrock #soinspiring #meetme #thisisme #skooliemama #hippiemama #buildatribe #somuchtocreate #tellmeaboutyou #thelongroadtosanity #empoweringourfuture ##knowyourrights #freedom #neverends

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