Ways to Improve Your Tiny Home Today: Design Tips

Living in a tiny home doesn’t mean you can’t live comfortably.

Tiny homes appear to be a lasting housing trend. As the name suggests, these homes are compact, with a limited amount of living space. However, living in a tiny home doesn’t mean you can’t live big. It's all about how you use the space.

Here are tips to get the most of your tiny house design.

Tape out walkways

Even though space is limited, you still need to be able to move around freely. Before you bring in any furniture or décor, use painter’s tape to create an outline of your design. Tape out different layouts to get a feel for what you like the best.

Ideally, you want to do this before your tiny house build, or during the construction process. Make sure you have enough room to be cozy without feeling claustrophobic. Adjust the design as needed to ensure your home meets your expectations.

To get layout ideas, tour as many tiny houses as you can. If possible, stay overnight. See our event calendar and Tiny Getaways YouTube series for opportunities to do both!


Use high-tech automation

Tiny homes don’t have much storage space. You need to get creative to maximize every nook and cranny. Also, make sure everything you bring into your tiny house has a dedicated space.

Consider adding automated storage. You can have drawers, for example, that pop out from under the stairs with the push of a button — no need to bend over awkwardly.


Fold-down furniture is a must

To make your tiny home seem spacious, consider investing in some fold-down furniture. A fold-down kitchen table and tuck-away desk will also help you maximize your living space. Table lifts that fold into the ground are another great option. Additionally, instead of having a full bed, consider installing a murphy bed that you can hide after you wake up in the morning, especially if not a fan of lofts.


Make use of the walls

Don’t let an empty wall remain a blank canvas. Think about all the useful items you can hang on the walls. In the kitchen, walls are the perfect place to hang pots and utensils. You can hang open shelving in the bathroom to hold your toiletries. On that note, you can install small shelves on any unused wall.


Keep things light

Unless you want your tiny home to feel like a cave, choose light paint colors and accent pieces. Bright whites, beiges, and yellows are ideal for small rooms. Adding a few mirrors throughout your tiny home will also create the illusion of more space.

Reserve dark colors for either the exterior of your house or the flooring. You can also bring in a few accent pieces, such as pillows and throws, in a darker hue to add a bit of diversity to your color scheme.


Open spaces are ideal

Avoid a tiny home design with small walls or partitions. These will only make your home feel cramped. An open concept scheme works best. If you want to add more privacy, consider installing a semi-open barrier in the loft. Downstairs, consider a decorative folding partition, or even a sliding wall, that you can close when you want some time alone.

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