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Airbnb Tiny House with Alpacas Supports Farm

What do you when tiny living won't work for, you but you love tiny homes? Create a getaway! Blake & Hawa created an Airbnb tiny house business with a big heart.

airbnb tiny houseThey always wanted to live tiny, but their growing family made that impractical. Instead, they created an Airbnb tiny house getaway, breathing fresh life into the family farm.

Blake & Hawa bought a preowned tiny home off and nestled it behind their farmhouse on the edge of their alpaca pasture.

Views of the furry alpaca friends are a major highlight for Airbnb tiny house guests.

It’s proven to be such a winning combination that Blake and Hawa will fully recoup their investment in just 2-3 years! For them, the income enables them to invest back into the family farm. A wonderful way to honor Blake’s grandfather, all while offering guests a charming way to experience tiny living.

Additionally, they are truly delighted that their Airbnb tiny house side hustle is now providing income for their housekeeper.
airbnb tiny house hosting
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