Saving Energy, Saving Space: 5 Energy-Efficient Tiny House Heating Tips

It's hard to believe, but a tiny house can still cost a lot of money to heat and cool. Here are some energy-efficient tiny house heating tips to consider.

The average person spends at least $3000 on heating and cooling costs per year. Living in a tiny house can drastically cut those costs, but it can still sometimes end up being more expensive than you think!

Even the tiny house movement can be more energy efficient.

Read on for some tiny house heating tips that will help save your wallet and the planet.
  1. Mind the Gap

    How good is your insulation? Are there any gaps or cracks where the warm air in your house could be escaping?

    If your windows aren't sealed properly or if your doors don't have weather stripping along the bottom, you could be letting all of the warm air out of your house. That causes your system to work overtime trying to keep it at the temperature you want.

    1. Use a Programmable Thermostat

    Depending on how your house was built, you might be able to use a programmable thermostat to heat and cool your house.

    Not only does this allow you to set the specific temperature you want your house to be, but you can also set it to raise or lower the temperature depending on the time of day. When you leave for work in the winter, it can lower the temperature, saving you money. Before you come back, it can begin warming up your house again.

    It's energy-efficient and great for Type A folks who want to set the temperature at exactly 72.5 degrees.

    1. Try Spray Foam

    If you're cool with the system you have but still want to make it more efficient, spray foam might be the answer to your problems. Spray form insulation can reduce your heating and cooling bills by as much as 50%.

    For the DIY types, you can buy your own spray foam kits online and take care of upgrading your insulation on your own time (and dime). Just make sure that you take the proper safety precautions before you start spraying!

    1. Use Solar Design

    Did you know that some solar designs can heat your home in the winter and help to keep it cool in the summer?

    If you're building your tiny house from the ground up, consider using new solar design techniques. This way, you can use 100% renewable energy to heat and cool your house.

    You can also install solar panels onto an existing house to help keep it warm.

    1. Get an Electric Heater

    Finally, one of the obvious perks of having a tiny house is that it doesn't take much energy to heat it up. That's why you can get away with using an electric space heater to keep warm!

    You can choose the size of your electric heater and don't need to worry about a complicated installation. Just go to the store, pick the one you want, and plug it in. Easy as pie.

    Winning Tiny House Heating Tips

    Choosing the tiny house path is one way to live a more energy-efficient life. Take it one step further with these easy tiny house heating tips this winter!

    Don't let your learning stop here. Check out our resource directory for everything you need to know about living in a tiny house.


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