3 Ways to Power Your Tiny Home

Know your options to power your tiny home sustainably and for off-grid living!

Building your own home from the ground up gives you the chance to design a property that’s perfectly suited to your needs. When it comes to designing tiny houses, you’ll want to ensure that every inch of space is used to its maximum potential. In addition to this, having access to sufficient power is critical for success.

When designing your tiny home build, it’s easy to focus on the fun tasks, like choosing an exterior paint color or picking out new furniture. However, some decisions need to be made earlier than others. How you choose to power your property will impact the construction process, for example. Think placement of light switches, electrical panel, and connections needed for solar, if you choose to go that direction.

Establishing your power needs, available budget, and intended parking location(s) is key during build planning.

Not sure what your options are? For inspiration, take a look at what's available to power your tiny home.

power your tiny home
our tiny home uses a combination of on-grid power, solar power, and portable generators

1. Power Generators

Although you could hook your tiny home up to a standard electricity provider, this means you’ll need to live on-grid. By using a power generator, however, you can get the power you need while still having free reign to build your new home in any location. If you’re eager to live off-grid, a portable power generator could give you the flexibility you need for power on the go, no wiring needed.

Although many generators use propane or gasoline-style fuel, there are other options available. An increasing number of clean energy generators are now on the market, so you can still build your home according to eco-friendly standards and use a portable generator.

If you’re creating a tiny home on wheels of some kind, a solar portable generator will allow you to go wherever you choose. However, based on limited capacity and recharge time, it can be more cost-efficient to use this as a backup power solution.

2. Solar Power

Solar power is a great option for tiny houses, enabling self-sufficiency and off-grid parking flexibility. There is no one size fits all solar solution for tiny homes. Each house will get its own unique solution based on size and daily energy usage.

With companies like Perth Solar Power, you can take advantage of the free sunshine and use it to power your tiny home in an eco-friendly way. By getting specialist advice, you can learn everything you need to know about the most ideal and budget-friendly products you need to install your own solar power system.

If you live somewhere less sunny, there’s no need to panic.

You can use solar power to generate energy even in cloudy or rainy climates, so you won’t miss out on the chance to incorporate sustainable power into your new project.

Read our guide on eight things everyone should know about solar power tiny homes.

3. Wind Power

If you want to steer clear of fossil fuels and live sustainably, wind power can be a good option. Smaller turbines can be fitted atop even the tiniest of homes, so there are no limitations when it comes to needing space or a large property.

But may not generate enough to power your tiny home behind itself. So, you may need an additional source to produce the needed electricity, like solar power.

A slightly larger wind turbine, mounted on a tower, might be better suited for full-time use.

However, you need to live in a fairly windy climate to generate the amount of power you’ll need.

Even if you’re building a tiny home, you need to be located in the right area to make wind power a viable option. Even a microturbine on a tower requires an approximately 36-foot diameter footprint for installation, making it most suitable for homesteads.

Choosing the Right Type of Power for Your Tiny Home

How you power your tiny home will greatly impact your day-to-day lifestyle and your running costs. By considering all the possibilities now, you can make an informed decision about what offers the best solution for you and your family.

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