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Do you want to live tiny? Or perhaps you're just tiny curious? Read on to learn why less is more and how to achieve your lifestyle and financial goals through downsized, simplified living. 

Sharing tiny house movement insights, along with advice and tips learned from our nomadic tiny house life, on-going documentary work, and all the inspiring people we've met along the way.

Also, we share Tiny House Advocacy News here.

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tiny house hotel portland

Caravan Tiny House Hotel Tour – Self-Isolate Here!

Short-Term Rentals Discounted for Self-Isolation Stays Welcome to the 1st tiny house on wheels hotel in the world! Caravan opened its doors back in 2013 in the vibrant Alberta Arts...
off grid living_tiny living

America’s Off-Grid US Capitals Revealed on Instagram

There’s something uniquely American about the idea of living ‘off the grid’, reliant on nobody but yourselves and your pioneering spirit. It harks back to the way the country was...
tiny house cleaning guide

Basic Cleaning for Tiny Homes: The Only Guide You Need

When it comes to cleaning tiny homes, there are certain things you need to do to maintain a tidy, clutter-free home. Check out our basic cleaning guide below. If you...
tiny house build_shipping container home

Use These Tiny House Basics to Turn a Shipping Container Into a Home

Do you want build and live in a tiny home? These tiny house basics will help you turn a shipping container into a home you can be proud of. You’ve...

The World’s Best Bundle for Planning, Building, and Living Tiny is Now Available

Do you dream of living the tiny house lifestyle? Want to build a tiny, reduce your monthly expenses, and finally own your own home? eWith all the craziness happening in the world today, you...
tiny house block_san diego county

San Diego’s 1st Legal Tiny House Community! Insights & Tours

Tiny House Parking and Long-Term Rentals Welcome to Tiny House Block! It's the first legal tiny house on wheels community in San Diego County, California. Back at the beginning of...
tiny house self isolation vlog

Tiny House Self-Isolation Update: Trying to Stay Sane in 130 SQFT

Self-isolation tiny house edition: week 3!  We're sharing how we are staying sane in our 130 sqft tiny home. Initial observations: we're getting weirder. Also, maintaining a morning routine is...
tiny house lighting and windows

How To Get More Light Into Your Tiny Home

The more light, the merrier is tiny home design. Choosing to live in a tiny home is more than just moving into a smaller space. It is about letting go...
land for tiny houses

Land For Sale: 4 Tips For Choosing the Perfect Land For Tiny Houses

There's a lot more that goes into picking land for tiny houses than one might think. Here's our quick guide to picking the right land for your new home. Building...
tiny house build budgeting

5 Tips for Building Tiny Homes on a Budget

Are you thinking about building a small house for yourself or family to save space and money? Here are tips for constructing your tiny home on a budget. Half of...
tiny house parking durango co

Today’s Tiny House Parking Spot: Durango Communities

Today's Tiny House Parking Spot: Tiny Home Communities of Durango, Colorado In this episode of Today's Tiny House Parking Spot, we visit beautiful Durango. It's an outdoor enthusiast's paradise in...
self quarantine in tiny house covid 19

Tiny House Self-Quarantine!? COVID-19 Shelter in Place Prep in a 130 sqft

Coronavirus self-quarantine tiny house edition: will we lose our minds in our 130 square foot tiny home over the next several weeks?! Maybe. Good news: we have five years working...
water bill

How to Lower Your Monthly Water Bill: A Guide for Tiny Homes

Living in a tiny home often reduces utility bills. Interested in learning how to further lower your monthly water bill? Check out our helpful guide here. The average monthly water...
small apartment interior design

Small Space Living: 7 Interior Design Tips to Help Bring Your Apartment to Life

Do you rent a small apartment? We share ideas to help you breathe life into your space. Most apartments are necessarily small and neutral for two reasons. Many more people...
tiny house travel and parking

Today’s Tiny House Parking Spot: a Gym and a Driveaway

Tiny House Parking on the Road After carefully maneuvering out of a tight parking spot at Peak View Park, we headed down to the mountain with steep 7% grades. It’s...
tiny home kitchen design

4 Small Kitchen Design Tips to Make the Most of Your Tiny Space

Are you looking for ideas on how to revamp your tiny home kitchen? Check out these four small kitchen design tips for inspiration! Are you one of the many families...
small home design

Design Tips for a Tiny House: Make Size Work in Your Favor

Does size matter when it comes to homes? The answer actually depends on what your requirements are really. Sometimes, a small home is all you need, as long as you...
tiny home tours

Tiny Home Tours of All Kinds from TinyFest California

Skoolies, Tiny Houses on Wheels & a Tiny Prefab House With tiny house events being canceled and postponed, we hope you enjoy this fun look at a tiny living festival!...