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Tiny House Maintenance

Tiny House Maintenance: Sealing Siding and Trailer Rust Repair

Enjoy these easy tiny house maintenance how-to's! Have you ever wondered what goes into tiny house maintenance? In our latest video, we share our latest DIY tiny home projects: how...
tiny house living pros cons

The Pros and Cons of Living in a Tiny House

Is tiny house living right for you? There's many benefits, but it's not for everyone. For the past several years, the concept of living in tiny houses has become new...
tiny house raffle

Tiny House Raffle for Charity

Tiny House, Big Impact: a raffle to suport two non-profits! Are you in the market for a tiny house? Enter this raffle at a chance to win one for the...
tiny house kitchen design ideas

Tiny House Kitchen Ideas: Smart Small Space Solutions

In this week's video, we share tiny house kitchen design ideas from ten very different tiny homes. Finding clever ways to fit in all of the necessities in such a...
tiny house on foundation_pocket neighborhood

Is this the Most Ideal Tiny House Size? In a Permanent Pocket Neighborhood

Tiny House and Pocket Neighborhood Tour The Hiatus is an amazing livable tiny house on foundation inside a one-of-kind cottage-style community located in Bend, Oregon. The 16'x 25' tiny home...
helping others pursure tiny home living

How To Help Others Live Tiny

We all have friends and family members who seem incredibly interested in our tiny house, in a way that’s more than just a passing curiosity. While at times those people...
tiny house ideas_extra space

How to Add Extra Living Space to Your Home: Tiny House Style

Are you running out of adequate space? It's time to be a bit more creative! Here are ways to add extra living space to your tiny house or traditional home....
tiny house parking guide

How to Find Tiny House Parking: Available Options and Tips

"Where can I park my tiny house?" The uncertainty, even anxiety, around tiny house parking keeps lots of would-be tiny dwellers from pursuing the idea any further. In our latest...
tiny house storage_Memorabilia

Tiny House, Big Memories – How to Store & Organize Your Precious Memorabilia

Tiny house living doesn't mean you need to get rid of all your memorabilia, but you need to get more creative with storage. The popularity of tiny houses has increased...
nature's head upgrade_diy tiny house how to_

Tiny House Composting Toilet: Nature’s Head DIY Exhaust Fan Upgrade

In our new video, we share our latest DIY tiny home project for our Nature's Head composting toilet. Enjoy this easy tiny house how-to! When the little stock exhaust fan...
tiny home prep_downsizing tips

Home Purging 101: Prepping For Tiny Home Life

More people than ever before are searching for ways to live a more simplistic and sustainable lifestyle. With a shaky global economy and increasing environmental concerns, many home buyers are...
homey tiny house design ideas

Best Design Ideas To Turn Your Tiny House Into A Home

With home values and prices rising in the USA over the last few years, many people are becoming more interested than ever in tiny houses. In fact, the tiny house...
window shade_tiny home

How Do You Shade Outside Windows? Everything You Should Know for Your Tiny Home

Are you wondering: how to shade outside windows? If so, we share everything to consider for your tiny home. Sunshine’s a mixed blessing. It brightens up our days in every...
tiny home community portland or

Backyard Tiny House Village: Twist on Intentional Community

Welcome to Going Places, an inventive tiny home community in Portland, Oregon. It's a fresh take on an intentional community as a small scale cohousing setup with two tiny houses...
cozy minimalism

Home Sweet Home: Everything You Need to Know About Cozy Minimalism

What is cozy minimalism? And how can you incorporate this aesthetic in your own home? This article answers all your questions! For the past few years, minimalism has been a...
tiny house solar panel installation costs

What’s the Cost of Going Solar? Solar Panels Installation Cost

Solar panels installation costs varies by provider but it's generally around the same cost. Here is the general cost you can expect for going solar. Almost half of American homeowners...

Lighten the Load: 6 Tips for Downsizing Your Home When You Move

If you're downsizing your home that last thing you want to do is move things you never even use. Learn some practical tips for downsizing before a move. Over 14%...
tiny home community for homeless texas

Remarkable Tiny Home Village for Formerly Homeless in Austin

In this week's video, we share a look inside Community First Village in Austin, Texas. It's a beautiful 51-acre master-planned tiny home village providing affordable housing in a supportive community...