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Sharing tiny house movement insights, along with advice and tips learned from our nomadic tiny house life, on-going documentary work, and all the inspiring people we've met along the way.

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selling a tiny house_tips_considerations

Tips for Selling a Tiny House

If you decided against renting your little home, then it's time to learn all about selling a tiny house.  You can develop an effective selling strategy by familiarizing yourself with...
tiny house maintenance tips

Top 5 Tiny House Maintenance Tips for New Owners

Keep Your Tiny Home in Tip Top Shape Tiny homes continue to be the latest craze in many parts of the world. The average Google searches for tiny houses increased...
tiny house kitchen design tips

Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Tiny House Kitchen

Follow 3 Steps to Create Your Dream Tiny House Kitchen Living in a tiny house is a goal many people have for themselves. It can be much more affordable than...
Selling or Renting a Tiny Home_advice

Factors to Consider for Selling or Renting Your Tiny Home

Time for the next chapter? Is it best to sell or rent your tiny home? As the popularity of tiny homes continues to grow, an increasing number of people are...
Groundbreaking Urban Tiny House Community

Groundbreaking Urban Tiny House Community

A legal triumph for tiny houses on wheels Welcome to Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village, the first of its kind urban tiny house community. It's located in a quaint small...
Off Grid Tiny House Power with Bluetti AC200Max_

Off Grid Tiny House Power with Bluetti AC200Max

We're back with another Tiny Stuff product review, Bluetti AC200MAX. It's the most powerful portable power station we've ever tried with our tiny house. This 2048WH capacity solar generator/power station...
Thriving Coastal Tiny House Community

Thriving Coastal Tiny House Community

A run-down property rezoned & transformed Welcome to Tiny Tranquility, a thriving coastal tiny house community on the Oregon coast. The owner received a conditional use permit to transform an...
Keep Your Tiny House Cool This Summer

Keep Your Tiny House Cool This Summer: 4 Tips

Begin prep to keep your tiny house cool during the build phase...just like keeping it warm. Tiny houses are growing in popularity due to cost-effectiveness, eco-consciousness, and mobility. However, thanks...
My Tiny House Journey - What My Friends & Family Think_

My Tiny House Journey – What My Friends & Family Think

My tiny house journey requires some backstory... Dear Friends, It's Alaska, your Tiny House Concierge, here! There are a few consistent questions I get asked by strangers on the internet,...
Her Dream Tiny Home with Escalante Village Tour

Her Dream Tiny Home with Escalante Village Tour

Aging in place in a mountain town tiny home community Meet Sandy, a 77-year-old retiree aging in place in her dream tiny home. She lives in Escalante Village and loves...
Winter in a Tiny House_5 Ways to Prepare

Winter in a Tiny House: 5 Ways to Prepare

Planning for your future tiny home? Consider the following important winter prep. Tiny homes are a good option for people looking for financial freedom, mobility, and those in search of...
this tiny journey podcast_alexis monkhouse

Introducing This Tiny Journey Podcast

Listen to This Tiny Journey Podcast for firsthand experience & insights from Alexis - another Alexis 😉 Every so often we come across a tiny house person on social media...
He's lived in 2 Tiny Houses since 2013

He’s lived in Two Tiny Houses since 2013, 0 regrets!

9 years, 2 tiny houses, 0 regrets Meet Allen, who downsized after hard times and has now lived in two tiny houses since 2013. He's found that a simple lifestyle...
tiny house doors

Tiny House Doors: Tips for Choosing the Right Kind

Planning your tiny house design? Tiny homes have gained popularity due to their minimal carbon footprint, eco-friendliness, and low cost. While they offer several benefits, special considerations must be made,...
two tiny houses connected by a deck

Her Two Tiny Houses Connected by a Deck

Tiny House Living Led to Rental Business Meet Debby, owner of two tiny houses connected by a deck and a THOW next door, all located next to each other in...
tiny home movement now and future

Tiny Home Movement: Where It’s at & Where It’s Heading

New Year, Fresh Excitement: Tiny Home Movement Status Hello Friends, Happy New Year! My name is Alaska, aka the Tiny House Concierge. If you're just tuning in, I'm a writer...
granny flats_adus

Granny Flats Not Just for Your Gran! Advantages of ADUs

Make the Most of Your Backyard You might be familiar with the term granny flats or mother-in-law suites. Did you know that's a kind ADU? It is also known as...
Buying a Tiny House_5 Factors to Consider_

Buying a Tiny House? 5 Factors to Consider

If you want to go tiny: consider house type, your needs & budget, and more... Are you thinking of buying a tiny house? Tiny living is an adjustment that isn't...