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Do you want to live tiny? Or perhaps you're just tiny curious? Read on to learn why less is more and how to achieve your lifestyle and financial goals through downsized, simplified living.

Sharing tiny house movement insights, along with advice and tips learned from our nomadic tiny house life, on-going documentary work, and all the inspiring people we've met along the way.

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tiny house bundle

World’s Best Bundle for Planning, Building, and Living Tiny is Now Available

Do you dream of living the tiny house lifestyle? Want to build a tiny, reduce your monthly expenses, and finally own your own home? With all the craziness happening in the world today, you...
tiny home outdoor space

4 Simple Ways to Transform Your Tiny Home Outdoor Space

Expand your living space & enjoy more sunshine in you tiny home outdoor space with these tips. The tiny house movement has been gaining traction across many parts of the...
DIY custom camper_home on wheels_

Nomadic Carpenter’s DIY Custom Camper Home

Meet Keith, a nomadic carpenter who built a rad DIY custom camper home. We first met him when he parked next to our tiny house a couple of years ago....
your tiny home’s decor

3 Simple Ways to Elevate Your Tiny Home’s Décor

It doesn't take much to elevate your tiny home's décor. Not all of us are blessed with the ability to look at a property and envision a décor style that...
tiny garden

How to Create the Illusion of More Space in a Tiny Garden

Is your outdoor living space tiny? Make the most of it with these tips! If there is one thing that most of us have learned over the past year, it's...
divorced woman's tiny house

Woman Quits Corporate Job to Pursue Passions & Tiny House Living

After ditching her ex-husband and a corporate job, Cathy built a tiny home to live life on her own terms as she nears retirement. Tiny living gives her freedom to...
Flower Bouquets to Decorate Your Tiny House

How to Use Flower Bouquets to Decorate Your Tiny House?

Flower bouquets as tiny house decor can spice up your minimalist style. Flowers are one of the best ways to add a bit of spice and excitement to your tiny...
tiny house on wheels vs skoolie

Tiny House on Wheels vs Skoolie: A Comparison

Which is the best home on wheels for you? We share a comparison of a tiny house on wheels vs a skoolie (school bus conversion), sharing similarities as well as...
arranging furniture in small homes

Complete Guide to Arranging Furniture in Small Homes

Arranging furniture in small homes can feel like a puzzle. Here are 5 tips to help create a functional, cozy space. Small homes have many advantages. They save on energy...
tiny house conversions

Unique Tiny House Conversions: Food Cart & Playhouse

Enjoy another look inside Michelle Boyle's enchanting My Tiny House Village. This time she shares tours of her largest and smallest rentals. Both are unique tiny house conversions, completely transformed...
plants for tiny spaces

Top 4 Indoor Plants That Will Thrive in Tiny Spaces

We love tiny homes with lots of plants! Let's take a look at the best options. Having plants in any house can provide several benefits to those living there. They...
foundation-based tiny house

5 Things You MUST Consider Before Moving Into a Foundation-Based Tiny House

Key considerations for buying to transitioning into a foundation-based tiny house. Tiny houses are getting a lot of popularity these days. Every day, you will see more and more people...
Clean Air In Your Tiny House

How to Ensure There’s Clean Air In Your Tiny House

Don't underestimate the need for clean air in your tiny house. Tiny homes are becoming increasingly popular these days, and are especially common for people who want to go green,...
container homes vs tiny houses on wheels

Container Homes vs Tiny Houses on Wheels: A Comparison

Which is better a shipping container conversion or a tiny house on wheels? More importantly, which is better for you? We compare container homes vs tiny houses on wheels and...
tiny house bedroom

6 Ideas to Make Your Tiny House Bedroom Cozy

Let's get cozy! A tiny house bedroom is for cuddling, relaxing, and sleeping-not for distractions. Tiny homes are usually tranquil heavens, free from stress and hassles. Every small homeowner wants...
small kitchen

5 Remodeling Tricks to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

We share 5 tiny home design and remodeling tips to make your small kitchen look and feel bigger. Living in a tiny home comes with many benefits, but the fact...
Tiny Houses Built with Salvaged Materials

Tiny Houses Built with Salvaged Materials in Model Village

Enjoy a thought-provoking trip to Salvage, Texas in our latest short documentary. Building tiny houses with salvaged materials is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and can even lead to a new way...

A Mindful EcoVillage’s Legal Tiny Houses and Natural Built Homes

Welcome to the Port Townsend EcoVillage in Washington's Quimper Peninsula. It's a progressive-minded intentional community striving to live in harmony with the earth and each other. Their village is home...