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how much is enough

How Much is ‘Enough?’

Hello Friends, it's me again! If we haven't been introduced, my name is Alaska, although some people just call me The Tiny House Concierge. When I'm not helping you go...
family built not-so tiny house

Family Builds Beautiful Not-So TINY HOUSE

Meet the Hedricks, a family who built a beautiful not-so tiny house. It's 365 square feet plus a freestanding utility room, nestled on an enchanting wooded property. Fortunately, as their...
How to Use Space Effectively in a Tiny Home

How to Use Space Effectively in a Tiny Home

Tiny homes are cozy and budget-friendly, but they can feel cluttered at times if storage isn't maximized. However, properly utilizing that space and decorating can make all the difference. Certain...
Tips to Grow a Vegetable Garden in Tiny Houses

Tips to Grow a Vegetable Garden in Tiny Houses!

Guest post by Tony Manhart In this article, we will give you tips for growing a vegetable garden in tiny houses! We can all now benefit from the idea that...
How To Host a Tiny House Dinner Party

How To Host a Tiny House Dinner Party

There are amazing benefits that come with living minimally in a tiny house, like the peace of mind and the beauty of simplicity that it brings!  One of the few...
mark 2

Zero Breeze Mark 2 – Low Power Portable AC!

Welcome to another Tiny Stuff product review! Today we're talking about an important topic for those who enjoy being cool where ever you go-air conditioning. Meet the new ZERO BREEZE...
Solar Panels Maintenance tips

Solar Panels Maintenance: 5 Things You Need To Know

People worldwide have started moving away from conventional energy sources and are exploring more sustainable options like solar energy. Although technology is still costly in some parts, most have seen...
Best Home Improvement Ideas for Small Spaces

Best Home Improvement Ideas for Small Spaces

Are you envious of large homes and the potential for exciting (though pricey) home improvements that come with them? Having a small home doesn't mean you have to miss out!...
find Tiny House Parking

5 Tips to Help You Find Tiny House Parking

Hello Friends! It's nice to be here again! If we haven't met, my name is Alaska, aka The Tiny House Concierge. I'm a millennial who couldn't take it with the...
tiny house living with kids tips

Tips for Tiny House Living with Kids

Guest Post by Joanne Elliot For some, it's the dream to raise their family in a large house where everyone has their own room. However, this isn't always possible. Many...
gen z first time home buyer _ tiny house

Smart Gen Z 1st Time Home Buyer Gets TINY HOUSE

Meet Derek, a Gen Z  first time home buyer in Portland, Oregon. He purchased an affordable preowned tiny house with his mother's life insurance money after she tragically passed. To...
28-ft tiny house for sale in california

28-ft Tiny House for Sale in California

Is this tiny house for sale in California ideal for you? The one constant in life is change. So the time has come for seminary graduate Melissa Irene to put...
Tiny House Living for College Students, Pros & Cons

Tiny House Living for College Students, Pros & Cons

Tiny house living for college students is becoming more appealing. It's definitely gaining popularity for those who've graduated or are in their late 20s and wish to move out of...
Top Tiny House Design Tips

4 Top Tiny House Design Tips

Can you believe that the tiny house industry will grow by over $3.5 billion within the next few years? With the prices of normal homes and the general cost of...
Tiny Home Experiment

Tiny Home Experiment: I Made Regular-Sizers Go Tiny for 48 Hrs

Hello Friends! It's me, Alaska, AKA your tiny house concierge!  If you follow my series here on the Tiny House Expedition blog, you know I am always conducting tiny house...
Truly Wonderful New Tiny House Community

Truly Wonderful New Tiny House Community

Welcome to Cranmore Meadows, a new tiny home community in Haw River, North Carolina. The village sits on a 30-acre nature preserve. Owners Nathan and Callie also plan to turn...
eco-friendly tiny home

Create an Eco-Friendly Tiny Home: Sustainability Tips

People have all sorts of reasons for saying goodbye to traditional housing and opting for tiny houses. They don't want to be tied to one spot. Or they want to...
her $25k tiny house life

Her $25k Tiny House and Outdoor Paradise

Meet Danielle, a DIY builder who built an enchanting $25k tiny house using 70% repurposed materials. She's been living in it for almost seven years. During that time, it's given...