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modern shipping container home

Impressive Modern Shipping Container Home Build

A Modern Container Home Build by Relevant Buildings Relevant Buildings owner Carl Coffman shows us his modern shipping container home in New Era, Oregon. At 900 square feet, it's created...
tiny home outdoor space

Creating the Perfect Tiny Home Outdoor Space: 5 Top Tips

Perfecting your tiny home outdoor space expands your living space in meaningful way. The tiny house movement has taken the world by storm. It's an idea that has grown in...
rental tiny house village

She Built Her Tiny Home Then A Rental Tiny House Village

Michelle Boyle created a beautiful rental tiny house village on an old Christmas tree farm property in Sherwood, Oregon. After building her own tiny home, she searched for ways to...
tiny house mortgage

Tiny Living Guide: Tiny House Mortgage 101

Looking for information about getting a mortgage to buy a tiny house? Tiny homes have been a popular option nowadays, particularly for people who want to live with low expenses,...
airbnb tiny house

Airbnb Tiny House with Alpacas Supports Farm

What do you when tiny living won't work for, you but you love tiny homes? Create a getaway! Blake & Hawa created an Airbnb tiny house business with a big...
tiny house christmas

A Very Merry Tiny House Christmas Special

Our Tiny House Christmas Special Have you wondered how tiny house dwellers celebrate the holidays in less than 400 square feet? Enjoy our fun, festive tiny house Christmas special featuring...
klickitat treehouse

Magical Klickitat Treehouse Getaway Fulfills Dreams

Welcome to the Klickitat Treehouse and Cedar Shack tiny house on wheels in White Salmon, Washington! Airbnb Superhosts Taryn and Colin love sharing their woodland sanctuary with guests. It features...
best flooring options for a tiny home

The Best Flooring Options For a Tiny Home

Sharing the best flooring options for a tiny home plus innovative materials to consider. Sustainable, eco-friendly renovation projects are becoming increasingly popular in the world of home design as homeowners...
if disney heroes lived in tiny homes

Your Favorite Disney Heroes’ Tiny Homes

What's delightfully full of charm and always makes you smile? Disney heroes and tiny homes! Envisioning your favorite Disney heroes' tiny homes brings sophistication to fond childhood fairytales. As a...
container homes

Innovative Container Homes with Conversion Insights

Converting shipping containers into homes is full of amazing design possibilities and is remarkably sustainable. Reusing something in surplus for a dwelling that requires less precious resources, like lumber, makes...
vinyl flooring

Choosing the Best Vinyl Flooring for Your Beautiful Tiny Home

Vinyl flooring is a great affordable option for tiny homes. Craving to live in your new tiny home is an understandable desire. You plan every little detail when it comes...
tiny house tours_tiny digs hotel_tiny house design ideas_

Vintage or Modern? Tiny House Design Ideas at Tiny Digs Hotel

Do you prefer vintage or modern tiny home design? Experience both at Tiny Digs Hotel! Take a look at the latest themed tiny houses at Tiny Digs Hotel in Portland,...
single mom tiny home

Single Mom’s Tiny Home: Ideal for Life Transition

Inside a single mom's tiny home shows how simple living allows her to focus on what matters most to her.  Meet Shannen, a strong woman and mother to two boys,...
power your tiny home_off grid

3 Ways to Power Your Tiny Home

Know your options to power your tiny home sustainably and for off-grid living! Building your own home from the ground up gives you the chance to design a property that's...
tiny home design ideas

5 Great Tiny Home Design Features to Consider

Create a functional, cozy and sustainable home with these tiny house design features! So you’ve decided to build or buy your very own tiny home! Exciting times lie ahead, but...
tiny house with a downstairs bedroom_empty nesters tiny home

Couple’s Inventive Tiny House with a Downstairs Bedroom

We share a talented couple's inventive tiny house with a downstairs bedroom. Their ticket to less stress and less debt! Empty nesters, Traci and Matt, were looking for opportunities to...
tiny home office_office furniture

Tiny Home Office: 5 Ways Furniture Increases Productivity

Are you now working from home? Comfy and functional tiny house office space is possible! Every organization dreams of achieving optimum productivity. This is not often easy, as there are...
keep your tiny house cozy this winter

3 Actionable Ideas to Keep Your Tiny House Cozy

Keep your tiny house cozy this winter! If you love the flexibility of a nomadic lifestyle, the ability to move as needed or desired, tiny homes on wheels make a...