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how much does a tiny home cost

How Much Are Tiny Houses?

How much are tiny houses? Tiny houses can be quite affordable! Some tiny houses are $10,000, while other homeowners spend $60,000+! It all depends on you! Tiny houses are a...
Tiny House rentals

Tips For Renting Out a Tiny Home to Millennials

For many people, renting a tiny home is ideal. Budget-wise, it can be an affordable option for young adults who want to start living modestly and save up before transitioning...
tiny house building materials

Innovative Building Materials for Creating a Custom Tiny House

Guest Post by Matt Lee Have you ever dreamt of owning a tiny house? The tiny house movement gained substantial momentum after the housing market crash in 2009. People didn’t...
painter contractor

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Painting Contractor for Tiny Homes

If you have a room in your home that needs a paint job, the right contractor can help. Ask these questions before choosing a painting contractor for tiny homes. Choosing...
Space-Saving Tiny House Kitchen Ideas

Tiny Home, Big Meals: 3 Innovative, Space-Saving Tiny House Kitchen Ideas

Just because you live in a tiny home doesn't mean your kitchen needs to be lackluster! Check out these innovative, space-saving tiny house kitchen ideas. The kitchen is often the...
tiny house rentals_beach getaway

Chill Tiny House Beach Village Experience

a Tiny House Siesta Key Beach Getaway Looking for a relaxing oceanside getaway in a charming tiny house on wheels? Experience laid-back tiny living and beach vibes during a stay...
legalize tiny homes_news

Living Tiny Legally: a Milestone and Online Tiny House Advocacy Training

When we began filming our documentary series, Living Tiny Legally, in 2015, only three US cities changed their local land-use laws to allow for full-time living in tiny houses on wheels....
tiny home safety

5 Ways to Be Sure Your Tiny Home Is Safe

Some of the first questions we've received when discussing tiny homes are regarding safety and security. You've considered many aspects like safe towing and the ideal spot for parking your...
tiny house mattress

Tiny House, Sweet Dreams – How To Choose The Mattress For Best Sleep?

How get a mattress into a tiny house loft? How comfy are space-saving options? One of the best things about living in a tiny home is that you have fewer...
couple's beautiful diy tiny home

Clever Couple’s Exceptional DIY Tiny House: Entertaining Guests

Join us for a fun tiny home tour, good times, and entertaining stories! This video is a throwback to when we parked our THOW next to our pals, Erika &...
tiny house on wheels tips

How To Maximize Your Small Space When You’re A Tiny House Traveler

Space-saving design hacks can help tiny homes on wheels enjoy more flexibility. A growing number of households have traded their traditional homes for small houses that they can travel with,...
tiny house patio ideas

7 Great Patio Ideas That’ll Go Perfectly With Your Tiny House

Want a beautiful patio for your tiny home? Then read on to discover the best tiny patio ideas to make the most of your outdoor space here. There's no denying...
nomadic tiny home life

Tiny Home on Wheels – How To Stay Healthy While on the Road

Digital nomadism and tiny home on wheels living fit well together for many. But maintaining healthy habits can be tricky when on the move. Digital nomadism has redefined the workspace...
tiny house crafting_needle felting

Tiny House Crafting! Needle Felting How To: Cootie Monster

Hope you enjoy this tiny house craft experience! Learn & chill with us, like watching Bob Ross Let's get crafty! Join us in our tiny home for a relaxing, fun, and...
tiny home furniture

Space Saving Furniture to Get the Most of Your Tiny Home

Space-saving furniture can make a tiny home feel plenty large enough, all while making sure you live in comfort. Having a small home doesn't mean that you need to sacrifice...
net zero energy efficient tiny homes

Tips For Turning Your Tiny House Into A Net-Zero Energy Efficient Structure

Guest Post by Matt Lee Every tiny house homeowner has their own reason for wanting to live the tiny house lifestyle. Maybe you want to live off-the-grid. Perhaps you were...
tiny home rentals

Pro Tips on How to Manage and Turn a Profit on Tiny Home Rental Properties

Are you considering renting out a tiny house but need some tips on how to manage it? Read this article to learn how to manage tiny home rental property. Demand...
black voices

Sharing Black Voices in the Tiny Living Community

We have lived as nomadic tiny dwellers for many years. One thing we never really experienced in our travels is fear— definitely not fear of police harassment because of the color of...