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41' gooseneck tiny home

Lawyer’s 41′ Gooseneck Tiny Home in NEW Community

First resident in NEW legal THOW community in North Carolina! Meet Emily, a young lawyer who moved back to North Carolina into a 41' gooseneck tiny home. She left NYC...
$35k tiny house

Couple Builds Light & Airy $35k Tiny House

What does a $35k tiny house look like? And how do you acheive that? Meet Sara and Joel and their clever, beautifully efficient 26-ft self-built tiny home on wheels. Over...
solar panels for your tiny home

3 Benefits of Solar Panels for Your Tiny Home

Solar panels for your tiny home may seem like a no brainer, but do you know all the available benefits? If you have moved into a tiny home, chances are...
off grid tiny house homestead

Off-Grid Tiny House Homestead for Wild Adventures

Meet Clara and Edwin. They live on an off-grid tiny house homestead in their gorgeous self-built tiny home on wheels. It's a dream come true for this tough young couple...
small Barndominium

Why a Small Barndominium May Be the Perfect Tiny Home Option for You

The more tiny and small home options the better! Tiny homes and barndominiums are two home design trends that have been all the rage lately. While these trendy types of...
living big in a tiny house

A Guide to Living Big in a Tiny House

How to prepare for living big in a tiny house: where to begin You've watched countless TV episodes with families who live in tiny homes. Now, you're ready to go...
solo black woman van life

Solo Black Woman Van Life as Self Care

Meet Claudia, an amazingly resilient woman who designed and built an incredible van conversion as her traveling tiny home. She shares insights into her experience on the road as a...
portable table saw

An Essential for Your Tiny Home: Portable Table Saw

Get creative DIY tiny home projects started with a portable table saw! Are you building a tiny house, or anticipating many home improvement projects in your tiny home and looking...
why choose a tiny house_why downsize

5 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Make Changes to the Type of House You’re Living In

Is downsizing into a smaller home, like a tiny house, right for you right now? Now more than ever, we have all had the time to take a look at...
Tiny House Travel Prep

Tiny House Travel Prep Guide: How to Keep Your Interiors Safe

Ready to hit the road with your traveling home? Use this tiny house travel prep guide to stay safe! Comfort is one of the first things you should naturally think...
Space-Saving Bedroom Solutions

Buckwheat Pillow & 17 Other Space-Saving Bedroom Solutions

Space-saving bedroom solutions even if your house isn't tiny. As you might have expected, if you're planning on saving space in your bedroom, it's going to require a lot more...
26-foot tiny home

German Family’s 26-Foot Tiny Home Life in US

Meet Maria and Tino moved from Germany to the US for a job and decided to try out tiny house living. Their 26-foot tiny home is filled with creative storage...
tiny house storage

8 Tiny House Storage Solutions

Tiny house storage is all about effectively organzing your home. Tiny house living is a unique way of life. It comes with awesome perks, but there are also some unfamiliar...
Best Renovations for Tiny Homes

Best Renovations for Tiny Homes, Ground-bound OR on Wheels

Tiny home renovation ideas, whether your house is fixed or mobile. Just like any house, there may be a time when your tiny home feels ready for an upgrade. How...
metal roofing

5 Reasons Metal Roofing is the Most Beneficial for Your Tiny House

Metal roofing for your tiny house is sooo worth it! The tiny house movement continues to flourish as more people are looking to downsize their homes or reduce their carbon...
expanding tiny home

Permitted Expanding Tiny Home for Solo Mom

Meet solo mom Reggie who went tiny to help create a smooth transition out of divorce for herself and her teenage daughter while becoming a homeowner. Her expanding tiny home...
tiny house roofing

What You Need to Know About Roofing a Tiny House

Intro to roofing your tiny house Roofing a tiny house is more complicated than it seems. Since the house is small, the roof's outlook defines its character, keeps the rain...
straw bale cottage

Magical Straw Bale Cottage & A-Frame Rentals

We partnered with Airbnb to share the amazing stories of hosts behind unique small space listings, like Superhost Talia and her husband. They began hosting to help save their small...