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tiny home curb appeal_Blog Banner (1)

5 Tiny Home Curb Appeal Tips

First impressions are important, and that's especially true when it comes to your home. Whether you're planning to sell or just want to spruce up your living space, boosting your...
40-ft tiny house _Blog Banner

Couple Built Their Dream 40-ft Tiny House

Meet John and Rachel, who built their dream 40-ft tiny house on wheels to enjoy living in the place they love. They're parked on a beautiful small ranch property in...
Tiny House True Story_I Want to Downsize Again_blog banner

Tiny House True Story: I Want to Downsize, Again!

I'm a Tiny Houser Who Wants to Downsize, Again! Hello Friends! It's Alaska, your tiny house concierge. I am excited to pop in once again here on the Tiny House...
How to Turn a Barn into a Tiny Home

How to Turn a Barn into a Tiny Home

Have you ever considered turning a barn into a tiny home? With all the original rustic charm, it provides a great starting place for transforming into something new. A barn...
morracan style tiny house

DIY Moroccan Style Tiny House Offers a Fresh Start

Meet Shelby and Cole, who lives in a DIY Morrocan style tiny house with their dog, Runa. After a year of tiny living, they're now engaged! It's offered a way...
How To Design A Tiny House In 2022 _ blog banner

How To Design A Tiny House In 2022?

The 6 easy steps to design a tiny house perfect for you. Guest Post by Tiny Easy Co-Founder Eujenne Building a tiny house is becoming more and more popular. More...
Mini Urban EcoVillage with 2 Tiny Homes_blog banner

Mini Urban EcoVillage with 2 Tiny Homes

Meet best friends Becca & Anthony and Kate & Brad created a mini urban ecovillage of sorts. Their little tiny home community is in a lush backyard oasis, featuring their...
renovating tiny bathrooms _ cover image _blog post

6 Tips for Renovating Tiny Bathrooms

Interested in renovating your tiny bathroom?  In your tiny home journey, don't underestimate the importance of a well-designed bathroom. Nothing should stop you from transforming every square inch of this...
5 Tiny Homes I’d Never Buy

5 Tiny Homes I’d Never Buy & My Red Flags

Hello Friends! It's nice to see you again here on the Tiny House Expedition Blog. If we haven't met, my name is Alaska, and when I'm not writing you letters,...
dreamy tiny house _Blog Banner

Couple’s Ditches Rising Rent for Dreamy Tiny House

Meet Bri and Destiny, a newlywed couple enjoying house on wheels life after ditching rising apartment rent. And wow, what a dreamy tiny house they purchased! It was designed and...
cover image

What Should You Ask a Tiny House Builder?

When it comes time to build a home on wheels, there are many things to consider. One of the most important decisions you will make is who to hire as...
how much is enough

How Much is ‘Enough?’

Hello Friends, it's me again! If we haven't been introduced, my name is Alaska, although some people just call me The Tiny House Concierge. When I'm not helping you go...
family built not-so tiny house

Family Builds Beautiful Not-So TINY HOUSE

Meet the Hedricks, a family who built a beautiful not-so tiny house. It's 365 square feet plus a freestanding utility room, nestled on an enchanting wooded property. Fortunately, as their...
How to Use Space Effectively in a Tiny Home

How to Use Space Effectively in a Tiny Home

Tiny homes are cozy and budget-friendly, but they can feel cluttered at times if storage isn't maximized. However, properly utilizing that space and decorating can make all the difference. Certain...
Tips to Grow a Vegetable Garden in Tiny Houses

Tips to Grow a Vegetable Garden in Tiny Houses!

Guest post by Tony Manhart In this article, we will give you tips for growing a vegetable garden in tiny houses! We can all now benefit from the idea that...
How To Host a Tiny House Dinner Party

How To Host a Tiny House Dinner Party

There are amazing benefits that come with living minimally in a tiny house, like the peace of mind and the beauty of simplicity that it brings!  One of the few...
mark 2

Zero Breeze Mark 2 – Low Power Portable AC!

Welcome to another Tiny Stuff product review! Today we're talking about an important topic for those who enjoy being cool where ever you go-air conditioning. Meet the new ZERO BREEZE...
Solar Panels Maintenance tips

Solar Panels Maintenance: 5 Things You Need To Know

People worldwide have started moving away from conventional energy sources and are exploring more sustainable options like solar energy. Although technology is still costly in some parts, most have seen...