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off grid yurt in pnw

Off-Grid Yurt Living with Clever and Frugal DIY Hacks

Cozy Off-Grid Living While Saving for Tiny House Build Connor and his wife live in a 314 sqft, 20’ off-grid yurt in western Oregon on his friend’s forest property. It...
tiny house design tips

Ways to Improve Your Tiny Home Today: Design Tips

Living in a tiny home doesn’t mean you can’t live comfortably. Tiny homes appear to be a lasting housing trend. As the name suggests, these homes are compact, with a...
land for a tiny house

How to Find the Right Plot of Land for Your Tiny House Life

When it comes to the tiny house movement, finding land can be incredibly daunting. Here are tips for finding the right spot for your tiny home needs. Considering life in...
tiny house decisions

Things You Shouldn’t Compromise On When Choosing a Tiny House

When it comes to purchasing a house there are many things to consider. Even if it's tiny. For many of us, it is one of the biggest purchases - or...
tiny house living with dogs

2 Humans, 2 Dogs in a 20’ Tiny House, Comfy & Chic Living

The Sapphire Tiny House on Wheels Our friends, Andre and Rachel comfortably live in a 20’ tiny house on wheels with their 2 big dogs. It was built by Tiny...
tiny house builder

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Certified Builder to Build Your Tiny Home

If part of the appeal of a tiny home living is the DIY element, why a hire certified builder? Find out in this guide. The tiny home movement is sweeping...
tiny house living-how to start

Great Tips and Strategies for a Comfortable Tiny Home Lifestyle

Taking a look at some great tips and tricks for starting a comfortable tiny home lifestyle. From downsizing advice to design, everything you need to get started. Are you drowning...
permaculture tiny house community

Permaculture Tiny House Community Farm with DIY Tiny Homes

Dream of community life and living off the land? Welcome to Wildwoods Community Farm, a permaculture tiny house village. When we met Brandon a year ago, the farm manager, he...

7 Advantages of Using A Heated Water Hose This Winter

Do you have a tiny house or RV with a hose that freezes every winter? Well, those times are over. Find out the benefits of using a heated water hose....

Family Builds Amazing 36’ Tiny House, a Farmhouse on Wheels

The Roost36 tiny house is big and beautiful with a whooping 3-bedrooms. It exudes farmhouse charm, inside and out. One of the impressive features is the 8' fully screened-in porch....

Why Upgrade Your Tiny Home Décor with Murals?

2019 seems to be the year of wallpaper murals! And the trend murals are setting is here to stay. Since 2020 is just a couple of months away, it is...
Portland ADU

ADU 101 and Impeccably Designed Portland ADU Tour

ADUs, Urban Infill Housing at its Best - How Do Tiny Houses Fit In? Meet Kol Peterson, a well-respected accessory dwelling unit expert in Portland, OR and author of the...

Vintage-Inspired Tiny House, From Empty Nest to New Business

You don't have to give up what you love to go tiny. Meet Michelle Boyle. She's a smart, independent tiny house dweller and entrepreneur. Michelle's tiny home is an investment...

How to Get Equipment Financing as a Tiny Home Builder

If you're a tiny house builder or contractor, operating your business with capital is necessary. Explore your options for equipment financing when money runs dry. Are you a tiny home...
tiny house_hvac

Get The Most Out Of Your Tiny Home With These Insulation And HVAC Tips

Guest Post by Matt Lee Tiny home construction is fast becoming a popular minimalist method of homebuilding. Compact, efficient home design options allow for the maximum use of space and...
Finding Land_tips

6 Amazing Tips for Buying Land

There's more to buying land then just location. If you're looking for the perfect place to place your tiny house, then check out these tips for buying land. Looking for...
full time tiny house travel

Traveling Off-Grid Tiny Home with Digital Nomad Mobile Office

Full-time travel with a triple axle is for the brave and skilled! Meet Alisha and Brian and their two big dogs, Roxie & Arks. Together they've been traveling with their...
greenhouse gardening

Top Reasons to Have a Greenhouse in Your Backyard or Tiny House Homestead

Are you passionate about growing plants? Do you want to be even more self-reliant? If so, then having a greenhouse in your backyard is an excellent way of turning your...