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Is This the Most Livable 40-ft Container Home

Is This the Most Livable 40-ft Container Home?!

40' Shipping Container Tiny Home Conversion Meet Dan, an architect who designed, built, and now lives in a high-cube 40-ft container home with his wife, dog, and cat. During the...
Tiny House Prices

Tiny House Prices Great Debate: Are THOWs Cheaper?

Tiny house prices: affordable or too high? - Guest Post by The Tiny House Concierge Hello, Friends! Welcome back to this guest post series! My name is Alaska, AKA The...
diy tiny house in tiny home community in colorado

Couple’s 26.5′ DIY Tiny House in Dreamy Tiny Home Community

Their DIY Tiny House Helped Them Move to Dream Mountain Town & Tiny Home Community Meet Erika and Ray, a rad couple who built an exceptional DIY tiny house in...
How to Sell Your Tiny House Fast

How to Sell Your Tiny House Fast

Looking for guidance on how to sell your tiny house? In recent years, there has been a definite trend amongst a significant number of house buyers that 'less is more...
Best Utilize Your Tiny House for an Amazing Minimalist Journey

How To Best Utilize Your Tiny House for an Amazing Minimalist Journey

How to meet your needs, live comfortably & have a successful minimalist lifestyle transition More and more people are now trying to live a minimal life. Some are getting more...
5th Wheel RV Renovation

Family’s 5th Wheel Renovation to Create Gorgeous Tiny Home

Gorgeous Tiny Home RV Renovation Joy and Austin decided to pursue a 5th wheel renovation enabling them to own a home to help save for the future and provide a...
slow living

How Tiny Houses Facilitate Slow Living, and How Slow Living will Save the World

Slow living means living more sustainably, more locally, and enjoying more leisure. - Guest Post by The Tiny House Concierge Hello Friends, Let's talk slow living! Tiny House Expedition was...
3-bedroom tiny house

Unique 3-Bedroom Tiny House

Could You Live in this 3-Bedroom Tiny House Full-Time? Achieving a 3-bedroom tiny house is no easy feat. At a whopping 37-feet long, The Big Stump tiny home rental was...
advantages of tiny home living_tiny living benefits

Tiny Wonders: 5 Advantages of Living in a Tiny Home

Less is more in so many ways. For the past few years, the idea of living in a tiny home has garnered a lot of attention from individuals who want...
tiny house storage solutions_7 ideas

Tiny House Storage Solutions: 7 Ideas to Make the Most of Your Small Space

Can you ever have enough tiny house storage ideas?! When you are surrounded by stuff and clutter, going minimalist is the only solution most of the time. When you do,...
$15k tiny home_DIY van conversion

$15k Tiny Home! Amazingly Livable Van Conversion

Rock climbers' DIY van, $15k tiny home, leads to freeing nomadic lifestyle Jess and Shawn researched, saved, planned, and planned before building out their gorgeous and super functional approximately $15k...
tiny house living

How My Tiny House Forced Me to be a Better Person

Guest post by Alaska Wagoner, The Tiny House Concierge Hello Friends,  Tiny House Expedition was kind enough to let me take over their blog this week to tell you the...
Create the Illusion of Space with Flooring

How to Create the Illusion of Space with Flooring

Limited floor space? Create the illusion of extra room with these flooring tips. Would you like to make your home appear larger than it really is? Many homeowners want to...
Handcrafted Tiny Home

Skateboarder’s Handcrafted Tiny Home & Mobile Sauna

From skateboarding to architecture studies, a passion for creative craftsman arose! Meet Jeremy Tuffli, a talented builder and skateboarder. He handcrafted a whimsical truck camper for nomadic living and later...
our tiny house book_the beginner's guide to tiny houses_

Our Tiny House Book Sneak Peek

"The Beginner's Guide to Tiny Houses" is here! As proud tiny living nerds, we jumped at the opportunity to write this book as a new way to share our expansive...
craftsman tiny home

Semi-Retired Woman’s 24′ Craftsman Tiny Home

She's living the dream with her tiny house in a coastal tiny home community! Meet Beth, a semi-retired acupuncturist who lives part-time in a beautiful 24' craftsman tiny home with...
Minimalist-themed Tiny Home

Create A Minimalist-themed Tiny Home: 7 Doable Ways

Minimalist-themed tiny home ideas because simple is sophisticated and feels good. When you are single, living a life on your own terms, owning a house, and personalizing it according to...
tiny home conversion

Tiny Home Conversion Competition Event + Meetup

Gutted! Sept 8-12, 2021 in Alamosa, Colorado Do you love the incredibly unique and differing kinds of homes on wheels? You definitely want to check out Gutted, a tiny home...