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hobbit-inspired tiny home

Couple’s DIY Hobbit-Inspired Tiny Home

Delightful Hobbit Tiny Home on Wheels! Meet Mary Lou, Jacob, and their Hobbit-inspired tiny home, called The Prancing Pony. Their unique DIY shuttle bus conversion is full of clever surprises,...
Living in a Tiny Home with a Private Well_7 Tips

Living in a Tiny Home with a Private Well: 7 Tips

Tiny House Homestead Water Considerations Tiny homes have become more popular than ever, and many people are easing into the minimalist lifestyle they offer. Owners enjoy a greater sense of...
tools needed to build a tiny house

What Tools Do You Need to Build a Tiny House?

Key tools needed to build a tiny house - plan to borrow, rent or buy Are you thinking of building a tiny little house for yourself this year? We get...
Questions to Ask Before Buying a Tiny Home

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Tiny Home

Congratulations! If you've arrived here, you've taken the first step toward potentially investing in a tiny home. Regardless of its type, buying a house can be a stressful experience. Drastically...
Full 2-Story Tiny House with Lifting Roof

Full 2-Story Tiny House with Lifting Roof

Wilderwise Modular Tiny House with Lifting Roof Meet CEO Arya Mazanek; she and her team developed the Wilderwise tiny house with lifting roof to solve a key pain point for...
Tiny House Owner Spotlight_Alexis Monkhouse

Tiny House Owner Spotlight: Alexis Monkhouse

Hello Friends! Ding! Who is ready for another tiny house article? My name is Alaska, aka Tiny House Concierge! I love my tiny house life more than anything, and I...
family of 5 in tiny house on homestead

Family of 5 in Tiny House on Historic Homestead

Family of 5 in Tiny House Embraces a Slow Living Lifestyle Meet the Beers, a family of five in a tiny house on a dreamy historic homestead in northern Arizona....
how to find the best land for your tiny house

How to Find the Best Land for Your Tiny House

What You Need to Know for Finding Land for Your Tiny House, Whether it's on Wheels or Foundation Preparing to make a significant lifestyle change to live a more simple...
DIY Tiny Home Build Stories series

DIY Tiny Home Build Stories

Don't miss our new series if you want to build your own tiny home! Christian and I are excited to share our new series, DIY Tiny Home Build Stories. We...
Develops Raw Land for Tiny House

Couple Develops Raw Land for Tiny House

Insight into how they're developing land for their 32-ft tiny house on wheels! Meet Heather & Nathan, a couple who've been dreaming of a cabin in the woods for many...
Buying or Selling a Tiny Home_questions

6 Questions Before Buying or Selling a Tiny Home

Buying or selling a tiny home can be an exciting process, but it requires some careful planning to ensure that both you and the potential buyer or seller walk away...
building a retaining wall tips

Building a Retaining Wall for Your Homestead

Retaining wall tips & ideas for your small house homestead! Getting started on a small or tiny house homestead? A retaining wall is a landscaping improvement that protects your property...
new tiny home community_hermosa orchards village

NEW Tiny Home Community in Colorado

Lots NOW Available Welcome to Hermosa Orchards Village, a new tiny home community in beautiful Hermosa, Colorado. Chris Hall, a first-time developer, decided to create it after hosting a tiny...
tiny house storage_small space storage

Tiny House Storage: 5 Tips for Small Space Living

Hello Friends! It's Alaska, your Tiny House Concierge back again! Today we're talking about the all-important topic of tiny house storage. Living tiny is a different thing, and while it's...
$38k tiny house_diy tiny home

Couple Built $38k Tiny House in 3 months

$38k Tiny House Built wiht 50% Recycled Materials Meet Sonja and Tim, college students who built a $38k tiny house over the summer in just three short months. They finished...
sustainable lifestyle

Living a More Sustainable Lifestyle – 5 Simple Tips

Have you decided to make some changes in your life this year to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle? If so, you're not alone. After all, the start of a new...
What Happens When You Fall In Love With a Tiny House

What Happens When You Fall In Love With a Tiny House

Hello Friends! It's Alaska, your Tiny House Concierge! With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I have an overwhelming compulsion to talk with you today about love. Specifically, the kind...
top road trip routes USA

Explore the Best Road Trip Routes in USA

Experiences over things always! So get out there & start adventuring with one these epic road trip routes. Whether you're keen on traveling with your very own tiny house or...