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tiny house travel abroad

What to Consider When Taking a Tiny Home Abroad: Want to Try Out Life in Canada or Mexico?

New experiences and tiny home communities await outside the US. But what do you need to know before moving to a new country, even if only temporarily? Living in movable...
tiny house sales

Shop Small: BIG Tiny House Discounts to Inspire & Help You Achieve Your Goals

Do you love tiny houses? Check out these special offers! Consumerism isn't our thing. The fact is we drastically downsized 4.5 years ago into a 130 square foot tiny house...
lime plaster

7 Different Ways to Use Lime Plaster in Your Tiny House That Might Surprise You

Lime plaster has long been used to add depth and character to walls, but that's not all it can do. Learn the different ways to use it here. Have you...
tiny home window tinting

Window Tinting for Your Tiny Home: 7 Available Options

Window tinting is a great way to get privacy and keep the sun out. Here are 7 options for window tinting for your tiny home. In 2018, the global window...
tiny homes for camp fire survivors

Tiny Homes for Camp Fire Survivors, From Destruction to Hope

A Story of Resilience, Hope & Love After Historic Destruction Community hero, Alyssa Nolan-Cain, builds tiny houses, with donations and volunteers, for those who lost everything in the Camp Fire. It...
tiny house how to

How to Save for a Tiny House

Turn your tiny house dream into reality with these savings tips! As the tiny house craze steadily grows in popularity, many people are left wondering if they too can attempt...
tiny house hacks

Tiny House Hacks to Maximize Your Space

When you live tiny, you still want an open and airy feeling space. We share hacks for maximizing your minimal square footage. While living in a tiny house, or any...
tiny house remodel

9 Home Exterior Remodeling Tips to Renovate Your Tiny House

Looking for ways to renovate your tiny house? Click here to learn some amazing ways to make its exterior look great. The tiny home movement isn't just popular, it's on the...
tiny house kitchen

10 Essentials to Gourmet Cooking in a Tiny House Kitchen

Want to eat well in your tiny house? Here are the essential kitchen tools and space-saving tips to sacrifice nothing when it comes to your food's flavor. Did you know...
tiny house pets

Keeping Your Tiny Home Clean – Even if You Have Pets

Tiny house living with pets requires extra cleaning. But for animal lovers, it's worth it. Tips for keeping your space tidy. Living in a tiny home doesn't stop most people...
fresno tiny house expo tours

Intriguing Tiny Homes & Initiatives at Fresno Tiny House Expo

DIY Design Inspiration for All We recently had the pleasure of participating in the Fresno Fall Home Show and Tiny House Expo in one of the first places where you...
tiny house annoucement

Our BIG Tiny House Community Announcement

Taking the Helm of Two Amazing Online Tiny House Resources We are humbled and honored to be taking the helm of TinyHouseBuild.com and TinyHousePlans.com from the truly amazing Gabriella and Andrew Morrison. They...
small space kitchen ideas

Small Kitchen, Huge Impact: Eco-Friendly Design

Eco-Friendly, Efficient Kitchen Tips for Any Small Space Are you planning a tiny home build or kitchen makeover? Going green might be a good option. Most of the time, just...
modular tiny house

Sleek Modern Modular Tiny House Inspired by Converted Dumpster

A Minimalist Living Experiment Leads to Innovation Described as the "iPhone" and "Tesla" of tiny houses, the Kasita modular tiny house is sleek, modern. It's the epitome of minimalism. Believe...
portable generator reviews

What is the Best Portable Generator for a Small Home and Travel Adventures? 8 Great Options

Are you wondering what is the best portable generator to get for a small home, road trips or camping adventures? If yes, check out these fantastic options. One of the...
solar tiny house

8 Things Everyone Should Know About Solar Energy for Tiny Homes

Is solar energy for tiny homes really worth it? Tiny homes are gaining wide popularity in the US among people of all age groups. Retirees, younger families, and even college...
sedona tiny house village

Striking Sedona Tiny House Village, Advocacy Tool + Getaway

A One-of-a-Kind Demonstration Project TinyCamp is a tiny house village in stunning Sedona, Arizona. While it is a relaxing retreat of short-term rentals, it’s much more. TinyCamp is intended as...
tiny house interior design ideas

Tiny House Interior Design Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

It doesn't seem like there'd be much room for interior design in a tiny home. You'd be wrong! Here are our favorite tiny house interior design ideas. It's official; the tiny...